Seiko is one of the first Japanese watch manufacturers to become so successful in the world market. This fact is due to the company's founder, Kintaro Hattori, who learned watch-making technology in European factories. Thanks to this, Seiko watches quickly became competitive with the products of Western European companies, and after just a few years the millionth Seiko was sold.

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Seiko Premier Watches

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Prestigious Seiko Premier watches are a series of elegant timepieces that feature high quality workmanship and striking finishes. We offer both men's and women's watches. Opt for an elegant finish of the highest class and choose Seiko Premier.

Japanese Seiko Premier watches - the choice of watch experts and watch lovers.

Nowadays, Seiko Premier watches are one of the most interesting series of Seiko watches - they are valued by specialists for the presence of innovative technologies, the most famous of which is the Kinetic system, which charges the battery as the watch moves on the wrist. Seiko Premier watches are in high demand among customers for the extreme care with which they are made and for their subtly refined design, assuming high elegance. Owning a Seiko Premier watch model is also associated with prestige, as not everyone can afford such an extraordinary watch, just as not everyone knows enough about watches to appreciate these extraordinary Seiko models.

Seiko Premier - watches with superior functionality

Seiko Premier watches, which we offer in this category of our online store, are models created for elegant men looking for an impressive yet functional timepiece. Watches from the Premier series will certainly meet their expectations. They are designed and made with the utmost care, using such materials as stainless steel, leather and sapphire glass. The watch's hands are driven by a precise and durable quartz movement. All Seiko Premier watches have a water resistance rating of 100 meters, which means you can swim in them without worry.

Unique design of Seiko Premier men's watches

The style of the watches can be described as classic, but they have not lacked some striking additions. The large dial in white or black has indexes in the form of Roman numerals and chronographs showing hours, minutes and seconds. At the height of the three o'clock there is a date display. All Seiko Premier watches have straps made of natural leather. The color scheme of the watches will suit gentlemen who feel comfortable in blacks and browns. These classic colors are complemented by silver and gold details.