The Swiss watch brand Aerowatch exemplifies how timepieces should be created. Thanks to a long tradition, classic designs and extraordinary attention to the smallest details, Aerowatch products are a sensational choice for anyone looking for a high-quality watch that is also extremely aesthetic. Among the timepieces of the Aerowatch brand, a specific category is occupied by women's watches. These unusual timepieces are a real rarity for any lady who is not satisfied with ordinary models, but needs something special. Such are the Aerowatch models.

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Aerowatch Women's Watches


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Women's Aerowatch watches are the quintessence of femininity. These subtle models conceal very well-made mechanisms. Their workmanship is a gem of watchmaking art. Refined in every detail, they will please the eye of its owner for years!

Women's watches Aerowatch - Swiss precision

In Aerowatch women's watches the manufacturer has included only the highest quality Swiss mechanisms, which guarantees perfect working culture and long-lasting functioning. The range includes both quartz watches, which are powered by an efficient battery inside, and automatic watches - driven by the movement of their owner's hand. They differ in the principles of their functioning, but they have one thing in common - extremely accurate operation. Watches with an automatic mechanism can come in handy for active ladies who stay on the move all day - only in this way will it be possible to keep the watch constantly powered. Quartz models, on the other hand, are a great option for women who require constant activity from their watch and appreciate the lack of interference with its work.

The extraordinary beauty of Swiss Aerowatch women's watches

Women's Aerowatch watches are not only an example of exceptional precision, but also a magnificent design that no other watch can match. Thanks to classic design combined with innovative ideas, women's Aerowatch watches represent a new take on the design of classic analog timepieces. One of the best examples is the Aerowatch 1942 Night and Day model, which not only displays the current time of day, but does so thanks to a rotating disc that takes up more than half of the dial! Such an exclusive ladies' watch is an ideal choice for any lady who counts on originality and uniqueness of the items she owns.

Women's watches Aerowatch, or classic style.

Truly classic Swiss watches - this is how the Aerowatch brand can be described. One example, among others, is the Aerowatch 1942 Lady Elegance Automatic model, whose workmanship resembles some of the first timepieces produced at the turn of the century. Worth mentioning here is the guilloche dial of this watch, which provides a contemporary touch. Meanwhile, the Aerowatch 1942 Butterfly Limited Edition model is a well-designed ladies' timepiece, whose distinctive feature is the unparalleled decoration of the pearl dial - ornaments in the form of butterflies and limp twigs give the watch an impression of lightness. Elegantly designed hands add an aesthetic flavor, while the diamond at 12 o'clock is a subtle note of luxury.