The origins of the Delbana brand date back to 1919, when the first watch manufacturing factory was established. The company took its name from the name of one of the founders - Goliardo Della Balda. The products offered very quickly became popular among watch users. Delbana is a Swiss brand, which appeared on the Polish market in the 1950s. Its models are well-established in the watchmaking industry. They are characterized by high quality, which is combined with affordable prices, as well as traditional styling. This combination makes these watches particularly well received in Eastern European countries.

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Delbana Women's Watches


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    Delbana Scala Women's Watch Delbana Scala Women's Watch
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    Delbana Capri Women's Watch Delbana Capri Women's Watch
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Delbana is a brand that has made itself known to us as a company that produces timeless watches of the highest quality at a very good price. Women's Delbana watches are the quintessence of style offered to us by this brand. If elegance and classic style is close to you, choose Delbana women's watches.

High quality and elegance of Delbana women's watches

Delbana women's watches are classics for any woman who appreciates elegant style. Suspended on durable leather straps or sturdy steel bracelets, they ensure that their owner will always look stylish and tasteful. These watches have precise quartz mechanisms, powered by a battery, which is easy to replace if necessary. The hearts of the watch are enclosed in high-quality steel envelopes in silver or gold colors. The latter are often decorated with precious stones as well. The whole is covered with sapphire glass, the main feature of which is very high resistance to any scratches.

Delbana women's watches are available in various, usually classic, colors. They have legible dials with various functionalities, such as a date and chronograph. These dials are usually kept in a minimalist style, decorated with classic indexes and a subtle manufacturer's logo. The water resistance of Delbana timepieces allows you to use the watch on a daily basis without having to remove it from the wrist in case of washing hands, for example.

Choose a Delbana women's watch for yourself

The Swiss brand offers a number of watch series, among which the most popular are: Delbana Antibes, Delbana Villanova and Delbana Montpellier. Our online store with Delbana watches - is an authorized point of sale. All models of the European brand offered in our store come with a two-year distributor's warranty valid throughout Poland. The watches are packed in elegant, decorative boxes.