The Suunto brand attracts new customers every day owing to its hard work on improving sports smartwatches. The Finnish manufacturer is currently one of the most prosperous companies, and its products are distinguished not only by their practical functionality, but also by their modern design, whose special construction protects the device against negative effects of external factors. In Suunto models you'll find, among others, extensive sports modes, GPS location, training support and health control.

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Suunto Watches


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    Suunto 9 All Black Wrist HR Watch Suunto 9 All Black Wrist HR Watch
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    Suunto 9 All Black Wrist HR GPS SS050257000

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    Suunto Core Black Yellow TX Watch Suunto Core Black Yellow TX Watch
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    Suunto Core Black Yellow SS050276000

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    Suunto 9 Black Wrist HR Watch Suunto 9 Black Wrist HR Watch
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    Suunto 9 Black Wrist HR GPS SS050142000

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    Suunto 9 White Wrist HR Watch Suunto 9 White Wrist HR Watch
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    Suunto 9 White Wrist HR GPS SS050143000

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    Suunto Core Brushed Steel Watch Suunto Core Brushed Steel Watch
    €266.00 €218.00

    Suunto Core Brushed Steel SS020339000

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    Suunto Core Alu Pure White Watch Suunto Core Alu Pure White Watch
    €407.00 €220.00

    Suunto Core Alu Pure White SS018735000

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The Suunto brand was founded in 1936 by a Finnish engineer who practiced foot orienteering. Today, Suunto is one of the world leaders in manufacturing sports watches. Its wide functionality supports the daily activities of runners, divers, mountain climbing enthusiasts, skiers and many others. The idea of the brand is to help all adventurers both physically and mentally. Smartwatches have been appreciated all over the world for their smart system, a variety of functions and an operation that can be relied upon in all conditions.

Suunto smartwatch - Compact watch with HRM and GPS

GPS is one of the most important functions of sports watches. Not only does it allow you to see your current location, but also provides you with many other possibilities. If your watch and phone are connected, you can plan a route for running, mountain biking or a new, previously unknown route. A permanent view of the route on the dial of your watch is also provided. The control over your training is ensured by a wrist-based heart rate monitor, which can be found on all Suunto models. Its advanced functions make Suunto models one of the best watches with a HRM. Suunto models are also equipped with long-life batteries that allow them to work for several days in GPS mode.

Suunto - multisport watches for you! Over 80 training programs and numerous disciplinary functions

Suunto smartwatches have various training programs that will be satisfying for all active people. The software allows users to personalise settings for a particular sports mode. Suunto users can choose between running, swimming and cycling training functions. Each discipline has an extensive system of measurement, including pace, frequency and distance.

Suunto watch - proven companion for mountain adventures

Suunto smartwatches impress with their design and functionality. The materials of the highest quality ensure comfort of wearing in all conditions and protect the device from damage. Manufacturers have made sure that rain or moisture does not cause damage in a watch, especially in models dedicated to outdoor sports fans. The Suunto 9 Baro is a model designed for mountain hiking enthusiasts. It’s equipped with a barometer and weather functions. Its predecessors don’t differ in their equipment. Users of older models can check the altitude, view the real-time navigation paths and read information on the speed climbing.

Suunto watches are for active people! Track every activity by using the Suunto app

Full compatibility with Android and iOS systems allows you to pair your smartwatch with a Suunto app. The app will keep you informed about your daily and sports performance. The Suunto App will assess your sleep quality, give you key training sessions suggestions, share the most popular routes around the world and add your dives to a diary via Bluetooth.

The app also allows you to monitor your daily activities. It gives you an overview of your daily steps and the number of calories burned.

Suunto watches - beat your record with Suunto App, compete with others and improve your results

Suunto manufacturers know that the best motivation for action is competition. With the Sunnto App you can share your results in social media. You also have the opportunity to follow other members and get feedback. Suunto also has a connectivity system with sports services such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Endomondo, Relive and Movescount that allow you to share your results with your personal trainer (for Suunto Spartan Ultra). On you can buy Suunto watches at very affordable prices!

Explore the world with a Suunto watch

Are you a fan of trekking, running or maybe mountain biking? The Suunto 7 watch is a facilitation device for each of these disciplines. 15 sport-specific heatmaps show the most popular routes, so you can go where others are training or stay away from the crowded tracks. You can also manually select a map of your preferred location for downloading at any time. Even if you don't have the internet connection, it's easy to find the right route and get to know the best training routes with offline maps. Discover the world around you with a single click in your Suunto smartwatch.

Suunto - manager of daily challenges

It happens to each of us. We tend to forget about an important event, a meeting or even our wallet. The easiest way to cope with everyday challenges is a watch that will help you in each of these situations. Suunto 7 comes with useful apps such as Google Pay™ or Google Fit™, Google Assistant and many other apps that can be found on Google Play. Let the Suunto smartwatch become your private manager.

Suunto and a number of its satisfied customers

Customers praise Suunto watches for their reliability, intuitive menu, design that ensures comfort of use and wide functionality at a relatively low price. A Suunto smartwatch is usually chosen by customers also due to its solid materials. Not only do they allow you to do a workout in all conditions, but also make the watch look amazing and modern.

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