The British brand AVI-8 has an interesting approach to aviation watches. Its creators focus not only on the aircraft-related design, but also on functionality and practicality of their products. The combination of these features has resulted in creating stunning watches - by wearing them we can pay tribute to the history of aviation.

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Avi-8 Watches


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    AVI-8 Hawker Hawker Hurricane Chronograph Men's Watch AVI-8 Hawker Hawker Hurricane Chronograph Men's Watch
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    AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Chronograph AV-4011-0D

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AVI-8 takes inspiration from historical aircrafts. The vision of the brand is to produce watches that draw on the construction of aircrafts and are functional and enjoyable to wear. The timepieces are distinguished above all by their subdued design and legible dials, which are particularly essential for professional pilots.

AVI-8 watches - brand history

In 2000 Dartmouth Brands Ltd entered the market with a new brand to celebrate the history of aviation and the people associated with it. The idea was very well received and met with a strong level of enthusiasm in the marketplace, which encouraged the creators to go further. AVI-8 brings together everything that's important in aviation watches - solid workmanship, useful functions and large cases that contribute to greater readability. Some timepieces also feature large crowns, which are easy to rotate with the gloves worn by pilots. The tasteful design of the AVI-8 watches is reminiscent of vintage style.

AVI-8's aviation inspirations

AVI-8 offers only a few collections, which is a definite advantage as it guarantees that each line has been refined to perfection. All the collections are coherent and relate to specific issues from the world of aviation. The brand’s collection of timepieces honour both the specific aircrafts and the airmen. AVI-8 Flyboy watches are a reference to the French Air Force fighter squadron, the Lafayette Escadrille, that was used during World War I. The name of the collection refers to the title of a book written by one of the aviators. Designed in a casual style, the watches reflect French accents with subtle stitching in national colours. These unique timepieces are made of high-quality leather straps in brown and black. In addition, some of the products are equipped with a practical chronograph and a date display. The Hawker Hunter collection, however, was inspired by the jet fighter of the same name that broke the world air speed record in 1953. The military nature of the aircraft is reflected in the watches as they feature moro patterns, robust cases in round or angular shapes and dials reminiscent of the cockpit.

This Hawker Harrier collection, on the other hand, pays homage to the world-famous ground attack aircraft whose production began in the 1960s. The aircraft served, among others, with the British Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force. The timepieces from this collection feature NATO straps that refer to aviation and extremely impressive watch faces. Their dials reveal the inner workings of the mechanism or feature textures that are reminiscent of concrete. That’s why the watches catch the eye and make it difficult to pass them by indifferently. The AVI-8 P-51 Mustang collection, however, was created to celebrate Anglo-American military cooperation. This legendary fighter used during World War II served the United States Army and its allies. Each of the P-51 Mustang watches refers to a different air force commander who influenced the history of that time. You can choose either watches with sturdy leather straps or steel bracelets. Some timepieces also feature a chronograph and speedometer.

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