G-SHOCK models are one of the most, if not the most famous watches in the world. They feature dynamic design, diverse functions, style and good reputation. Older, more classic watches from this series have already become legendary.

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G-Shock Watches


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    Casio G-SHOCK Men's Watch Casio G-SHOCK Men's Watch

    G-SHOCK Casio GA-700-1BER

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    Casio G-SHOCK Watch Casio G-SHOCK Watch

    G-SHOCK Casio GA-110-1BER

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    G-SHOCK Casio GA-100B-7AER

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    G-SHOCK Casio GA-100B-4AER

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    Casio G-SHOCK Watch Casio G-SHOCK Watch

    G-SHOCK Casio GA-100-1A2ER

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    Casio G-SHOCK Watch Casio G-SHOCK Watch

    G-SHOCK Casio GA-100-1A1ER

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Casio is an unquestionable Japanese watch giant. The brand’s success on a global scale is due to its hard work that involves searching for and successively introducing newer technical solutions. The G-SHOCK line is one of the most famous sports watch series. The designers work carefully on every detail of G-SHOCK watches, providing their customers with a product that meets every training requirement and is resistant to severe weather conditions. Thanks to innovative solutions, Casio can be considered one of the best brands that manufactures sports watches.

Men’s G-SHOCK watches and their legendary resistance

G-SHOCK watches are equipped with an innovative anti-shock system that makes them fully functional in all kinds of sports. They are perfect for active people also due to the fact that they are made of lightweight, wear-resistant and easy-to-clean plastic and rubber. Moreover, their dial is protected by an extremely durable mineral crystal. All watches in this collection are water-resistant to 200 metres. That is why they are also suitable for water sports. Additional functions of G-SHOCK watches include backlighting of the dial, a date display, a timer, world time in all time zones and snooze alarms.

Discover the functions of Casio G-SHOCK watches

G-SHOCK watches are so popular that they have already had a few editions. In our store you can find several dozen models from this collection with various additional functions. For those who just want to have a watch with shock protection and a dynamic look, we recommend Casio G-SHOCK models that are equipped with the aforementioned features and basic sports functions such as a stopwatch and timer. In our offer you can find the Casio G-SHOCK Mudmaster collection. The timepieces of this series are also equipped with a solar cell, a radio signal receiver, a thermometer, a barometer and many other functions. In addition to the classic G-SHOCK watches, we also have G-SHOCK Bluetooth models that can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone.

Which G-SHOCK to buy: white or black? Match your style!

Casio G-SHOCK watches feature a dynamic, sporty style. In our store you will find both classic timepieces with simple dials and models with electronic displays. The dials and displays are very impressive and immediately attract attention. Black dominates in the Casio G-SHOCK watches, however, blue, orange, red and white models can also be found. That is why everybody will find something for themselves.

The white G-SHOCK watch turned out to be a sales hit. It is worn by both men and women. This is all thanks to the fashion trend for a “clean, bright design" and the desire to possess functional and aesthetic accessories that match any outfit.

In addition to the fact that the cases protect the mechanism, they look very interesting. Many models have a larger case with additional elements to prevent the watch from damage.

On Watchard.com you can buy a G-SHOCK watch equipped with many useful functions. Visit the website and choose this fashionable accessory for sportswear.

The line’s name

What’s the correct name for this Casio’s line? The only correct name is G-SHOCK (spelled with a dash). Sometimes the line is preceded with the brand’s name, Casio. Products of this brand spelled in a different way may be fakes. Spelling mistakes can also suggest that a retailer is careless about marketing. All authorised retail outlets have correct brand’s descriptions, both in stores and online.

Official G-SHOCK Retailer - Authorised Store - Distribution

On Watchard.com you can buy G-SHOCK watches at the lowest price. All models come from official distribution and therefore have all essential certificates.