Casio is undoubtedly one of the largest and best known watchmaking companies. The Japanese company is constantly working to improve its products, equipping them with the latest technology and materials of the highest quality. The Casio brand was established in 1946 and at the beginning it specialised in the electronics industry. The first worldwide success came in 1957, when Casio managed to introduce the world’s first compact all-electric calculator. In subsequent years, the brand expanded its activities and in the mid of the 1970s it was involved in watchmaking.

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Casio Watches


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    Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch

    Edifice Casio EFR-552D-1A2VUEF

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    Casio G-SHOCK Watch Casio G-SHOCK Watch

    G-SHOCK Casio GA-100-1A2ER

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    Casio G-SHOCK Watch Casio G-SHOCK Watch

    G-SHOCK Casio GA-100-1A1ER

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    Casio G-SHOCK Classic Watch Casio G-SHOCK Classic Watch
    €155.00 €109.00

    G-SHOCK Classic GA-900-4AER

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    Casio BABY-G Women's Watch Casio BABY-G Women's Watch
    €134.00 €81.00

    Baby-G Casio Design BA-112-1AER

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    Casio Sporty Digital Men's Watch Casio Sporty Digital Men's Watch

    Casio Sport AE-1000WD-1AVEF

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Innovative solutions that led to the success of the Casio brand

Over the course of several years, Casio has repeated its triumph many times, successively introducing technological novelties such as watches with electronic LCD display and quartz movement, as well as the first watch on the market equipped with a calculator. After nearly 40 years, the brand still surprises its customers by providing them with products equipped with the latest technology. Casio offers not only traditional, elegant timepieces, but also sports watches equipped with a number of functions adapted to any kind of training in even the most severe weather conditions.

Now the company uses the latest global technological advances in its timepieces, creating some of the most advanced electronic watches. The most popular collections of Casio watches are discussed below.

Casio watches for athletes

The models of Casio G-Shock watches are designed for people involved in sports. They are designed to meet the highest demands. They are resistant to shocks, dust, water and harsh weather conditions. You can find models synchronized by the atomic clock, as well as watches with solar batteries and sensors measuring air temperature or atmospheric pressure. It is a perfect choice for all those who spend their free time in the open air. Casio Baby-G watches are a special collection of G-Shock watches dedicated to women.

Elegant Casio watches - choose unique models

Casio Edifice is a collection of sports and elegant watches for every occasion, which offers models equipped with chronographs and solar batteries, as well as radio-controlled watches.

Casio watches for extreme conditions

Casio Protrek includes multifunctional watches equipped with all possible types of devices such as a thermometer, a barometer, a compass, an altimeter or solar batteries. They will support you in any terrain.

Time measurement precision thanks to the Japanese technology used in Casio watches

If time measurement precision is important to you, check out the Casio Wave Ceptor collection as it includes watches that use the latest technology when it comes to atomic watches. The Wave Ceptor watches are automatically synchronized by atomic clocks, which are located around the world.

Casio watches for retro lovers

The Casio Vintage collection includes watches that refer to popular models from the 80s and 90s. It is a classic among watches. At that time, timepieces were characterised by their unique, futuristic look and functionality. The Casio Retro watches feature both analogue timepieces with a round case, as well as characteristic rectangular models with a monochrome display. Some of them have even a calculator with a full numerical keypad. The heart of the timepieces is a precise battery-powered quartz movement. The Casio Retro collection is a perfect proposition for all those who appreciate classic design and a bit of old-school style.

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