The leather belts offered in the Clock Shop exemplify meticulous workmanship and, at the same time, extraordinary comfort. These features, provided by the best manufacturers and designers in the industry, guarantee usability and usefulness in any conditions. All thanks to years of experience in the market and orientation to customer needs and also consistency with many watch brands.

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Watch Straps - Leather


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    Hirsch Duke M Strap Hirsch Duke M Strap
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    Hirsch Duke M 01028150-2-16

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  7. Hirsch Osiris L 20 mm Strap Hirsch Osiris L 20 mm Strap
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    Hirsch Osiris L 20 mm 03475015-1-20

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Leather straps for men's or women's watches are manufactured primarily by the Morellato brand, which has been dominating and changing the watchmaking market for many years with new and bold designs of leather watch straps. Many years of experience guarantee the highest possible quality and ensure that customers' every need is met.

Another brand worth mentioning is certainly Fossil, manufacturer of numerous series of watches and from here comes its expertise in manufacturing straps for them. Thanks to its exceptional knowledge of the watchmaking industry and the laws governing the construction of timepieces, Fossil is able to create extraordinary leather straps in a wide range of colors, responding to the growing demand of the brand's customers.

Leather strap or bracelet? Take care of your comfort!

The answer is simple - a belt! More comfortable and easier to fasten, and just as durable as a bracelet. What's more, leather straps for men's watches are considered by many to be more elegant and better suited to an elegant outfit. And in such a case, can there be anything more important than the proper matching of styling elements? It is still worth remembering to unify the colors of leather accessories - shoes, trouser belt and watch strap. A number of numerous color variants, which can be found on the Clock Shop website, will help with this.

Leather watch straps in the Zegarownia store - trust the experts.

We choose only straps from proven, licensed manufacturers who have managed to win recognition in the watch market. Thanks to this we are sure that the products we offer will be reliable and durable. In addition to them, our offer includes proposals from watch manufacturers, i.e. brands that can say the most about leather straps, namely Diesel, Michael Kors or Fossil.