Versus Versace men's watches will please lovers of distinctive and original accessories. The sister brand of the Italian fashion house, inspired by the style of Donatella Versace, focuses on original clothes and accessories that perfectly reflect the character of rebellious personalities.

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Versus Versace Men's Watches

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Versus Versace are designs created for people boldly walking through life, unconcerned with conventions and who like to express themselves through their appearance. They will appeal to people who appreciate interesting, avant-garde solutions.

Versus Versace men's watches - the beginnings of an unusual brand from Italy.

In 1989, Gianni Versace decided to expand his business and established the Versus Versace brand in addition to the already well-known fashion house. The luxurious nature of the previous designs was adapted in the new company to the needs of more people, mainly due to attractive prices. The clothing and accessories it created reflected the rebellious nature of society at the time, with the avant-garde often serving as inspiration. The word "versus" used in the name, which means 'versus, opposition' perfectly reflects the nature of these items. In 2016, the founder's sister, Donatella Versace, became the brand's creative director, breathing a unique style into the designs.

Versus Versace - men's watch for supporters of the original accessory.

A solid steel bracelet, a leather strap, or maybe a silicone one? The choice is up to you. What they all have in common are the original decorations, which no one will pass by indifferently. Versus Versace breaks stereotypes by placing crystals on the dials of men's watches. Among the decorations, a recurring motif is the lion's head - it can be found on the surface of the dial, near the envelope or on the strap. The date-dials for the days of the month and week or the chronograph are elements that give these products a practical dimension.

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