Xicorr is a Polish brand founded in 2012. Since the very beginning of the brand’s existence, the company has been creating unique watches inspired by the old cars produced in the Warsaw factory, known as FSO. The brand’s name refers to the word “sikor”, which means “wristwatch” in the Warsaw dialect. Xicorr uses the best solutions available on the market for producing mechanical and automatic watches.

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Xicorr Watches


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Most Popular

Xicorr watches are made with attention to the smallest detail. In the future, the company wishes to purchase most watch components from local distributors and even produce watch parts on its own. Another goal of the company is to manufacture its proprietary movement.

Xicorr watches - inspired by old cars

The brand is known for creating watches for motorization fans. To be more precise, the company's projects are inspired by the old Polish cars produced in the Warsaw factory FSO. One of the most recognisable watch collections is M20. This watch line refers to an automobile produced from the early 1950s to 1970s called FSO Warszawa M20. Watches from this collection quickly became bestsellers. They also won a prestigious award at Lodz Design Festival in 2013. The models are available in three colour versions. They feature a tyre-shaped crown, a dial decorated with screws and a date display in the form of an odometer.

The brand also offers other watch collections, such as 200, Syrena Sport and MISTRAL. All of them were inspired by old cars, such as Warszawa 200 (M20.57), Syrena Sport and Polonez MISTRAL. The collection known as F125p Akropolis is also noteworthy. The company’s adventure with this model began on Facebook with a competition for the design of a watch based on the Polish Fiat 125p. The project inspired by the Acropolis was the winner. Over time, Akropolis Limited Edition was created to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of the 20th Acropolis Rally of Greece.

Xicorr diver’s

The Garfish collection, whose name comes from the fish living in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Baltic Sea, is created for divers. Garfish watches have a big size and a high water resistance rating of 1000m. Their design refers to Xicorr Circle, i.e. a sports watch that was one of the first products released by the brand.

Xicorr Garfish features visible indices and hands as well as a useful date indicator. The dial of the watch is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Xicorr Garfish can be used for underwater expeditions even at great depths without any worries.

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