The Ball brand can boast primarily a long tradition of making excellent watches. The products of this brand are considered to be groundbreaking as they indicated the correct time after dividing the United States into time zones. The original movements have been created as a tribute to Webster Clay Ball, an American jeweller who changed the perception of punctuality. The individual models were created with precision and pietism, and therefore the watches of this brand are a great proposition for every retro style fan.

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Ball Watches


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Ball watches are a story full of extraordinary passion, as well as twists and turns, which proved that perseverance and commitment can change the watch market forever. The watches of this brand owe their accuracy to an obsession with the punctual arrival of trains. Needless to say, this is the best reputation for a watch brand.

The history of Ball watches – watches created to improve the lives of all people

Ball watches have been created to commemorate Webster Clay Ball, an American jeweller who was responsible for controlling the accurate time when working in the American railways in Cleveland. It was 1891, and only eight years earlier, the United States was divided into four time zones and the standard time was instituted. Webb C. Ball kept an eye on the accurate time in Cleveland and would probably have done it for the rest of his life if it hadn't been for the terrible accident that happened in Kipton, near Cleveland. One of the mail trains collided with another and several people died as a result. The guard was to blame for the event as he entrusted the time control to the engine driver, whose watch suddenly stopped for four minutes and then started working again. The delay confused the guard, and many people died.

Webb C. Ball was commissioned by the the railway officials to investigate the causes of the collision and establish precision standards of watches that the guards had. At that time the watch was a real social discriminant, however, it constituted an absolute requirement for guards. Nevertheless, few of them actually possessed a watch. There were no standards for the production of watches at that time because at that stage of their development nobody dealt with such problems. It was until the accident in Kipton. Webb C. Ball was the first to establish strict guidelines for the manufacturing of timepieces, which for example forbade variations more than 30 seconds among the watches. Ball also set strict standards in terms of possessing a timepiece. Since then, every railway worker has been obliged to have a watch to determine the exact trains’ arrival time. It was then assumed that anyone asking a railway worker for the time would always receive the correct information. 

The extraordinary accuracy in timekeeping 

Ball watches have become one of the most recognized brands in the United States. To commemorate the founder of a revolution in the perception of accuracy in timekeeping, the creators of the Ball brand decided that the watches produced by them must be as accurate as possible. Therefore, the brand decided to produce its own movements. By doing so, it can have the greatest influence on the precision of functioning. 

Ball watches feature high-quality automatic movements and hand-wound movements, referring to classic turn-of-the-century watches. The difference, however, is noticed in the internal components of the watch. They are made by means of modern tools and more durable materials, and therefore they provide longer and fault-free operation with a greater accuracy than their older counterparts. 

Elegance, style and tradition – this is how every Ball watch can be described

The variety of Ball watches is also one of their advantages. The brand has focused on maintaining the character typical of old watch models. This can be seen primarily by the decoration of the hands and the font used to mark the indexes. The shape of the indexes is represented as sharp arrows. Their colour, however, contrasts with the dial and details, such as chronographs and moon phase indicators. All of these perfectly match the vintage character of the whole, and therefore make Ball watches a perfect gift for the retro style lover. 

Buy Ball watches now and check out their high quality worthy of the precision of every guard! Enjoy the unique style of these timepieces that allude to the early years of railways in the United States! 

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