Aerowatch products are like an investment, which definitely can pay off in the future. All movements used by the brand are certified and have “Swiss Made” label. Those watches are made specially for demanding fans of art of watchmaking. Due to advanced technologies and reliability of the materials, Aerowatch models will be a great companion for many years.

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Aerowatch Watches


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    Aerowatch Floral Women's Watch Aerowatch Floral Women's Watch
    €822.00 €576.00

    Aerowatch Floral 44960-AA15-M

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    Aerowatch 1942 Elegance Men's Watch Aerowatch 1942 Elegance Men's Watch
    €706.00 €494.00

    Aerowatch 1942 Elegance 41900-RO03

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    Aerowatch Heritage Slim Automatic Men's Watch Aerowatch Heritage Slim Automatic Men's Watch
    €3,131.00 €2,192.00

    Aerowatch Heritage Slim Automatic 67975-RO01-SQ

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    Aerowatch 1942 Elegance Men's Watch Aerowatch 1942 Elegance Men's Watch
    €626.00 €394.00

    Aerowatch 1942 Elegance 41900-AA03

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  23. ETA VALJOUX movement
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    Aerowatch Classic Men's Watch Aerowatch Classic Men's Watch
    €1,251.00 €851.00

    Aerowatch Classic 60900-AA18

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Aerowatch watches are designed in order to meet the expectations of even the most particular customers, who are looking for not only advanced and reliable product, but also for a watch that will outshine any other models with its charm and beauty. It’s an investment in a pure perfection.

Aerowatch - a brand with tradition

The brand was founded on 21 January 1910 in Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland by a businessman named Jacob Guttman. The name of the company, as well as designs, were directly referring to aviation records at the time. The breakthrough took place in 1942, when Maxime Crevoisier became an owner of the brand. He provided a well-grounded position on the pocket watch market, by starting an export to 15 countries. In 1959, after his death, his son George Crevoisier took charge of the company. He decided to start producing watches that were characterized by unusual designs and the most innovative movements possible. Soon it turned out that this direction was right and Aerowatch expanded its export to 30 countries all over the world. Despite this worldwide success, the brand was still only a family manufactory.

In 2001, after 46 years of hard work as a president of the company, George Crevoisier decided to retire and pass the business on to Denis Bolzli, who was working there for 25 years. New owner did not change original ideas or assumptions and keeps producing watches which pay tribute to long-standing traditions of watchmaking in Switzerland.

Aerowatch - watches for demanding consumers

Nowadays, Aerowatch is still an independent, family business with headquarters in charming city of Saignelegier in Switzerland. All the movements used by the brand have Swiss Made certificates, which confirm the origin of individual parts. Mechanisms are decorated with perlage patterns, Geneva Stripes, or blue screws, which in the majority of the models are visible through a transparent case back.

In every single Aerowatch model, the dial is covered with sapphire crystal, which is rated 9 out of 10 in Mohs scale and can be scratched only by a real diamond. Cases and watch faces are decorated exclusively with real diamonds. All products are hand made in the company’s headquarters and then they go through extensive, three-stage quality control process. Those tests check the working of a movement, quality of the detail work on each element and the general endurance of the product.

Incredibly precise movements in Aerowatch products

Aerowatch products are equipped with high-quality Swiss movements. Almost all kind of mechanisms can be found in the brand’s offer - traditional mechanical movements, easy to use automatic movements, and of course the most popular ones, quartz movements. Each of them have this prestigious Swiss Made certificate, which proves its Swiss origin.

Some models have power reserve, which allows the watch to work for some time without screwing down the crown or even wearing it, in case of automatic watches.

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