MeisterSinger produces exceptional wristwatches that refer to the tradition of early watchmaking. The brand is known for creating elegant and casual models that go well with both everyday and formal outfits. Feel luxurious wearing a watch from MeisterSinger!

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Meistersinger Watches


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MeisterSinger has gained popularity for its philosophical approach of being here and now. All MeisterSinger watches feature a single hand, which is supposed to make the watch owner feel more relaxed. They are designed in subdued colours (blue, beige and brown), have minimalist dials and are on genuine leather straps or mesh bracelets. All models feature Arabic double-digit numerals (there are leading zeros in the single digits). The brand’s purpose in creating single-hand watches is to pay homage to the first mechanical clocks and remind people to slow down and enjoy their life.

MeisterSinger - the brand’s philosophy

In 2001, Manfred Brassler opened his watch business in Münster, Westphalia. He already had experience in this field and a business idea to produce single-hand watches inspired by the first mechanical clocks. He wanted to create something different than it was available in the watchmaking industry, and focused on the quality and simplicity of his watches.

The simple design of MeisterSinger watches is due to, among other things, the brand’s wish to change people’s attitude towards time. MeisterSinger wants us to focus on living in the present and stop rushing through life. The brand’s name refers to the group of middle-class poets and singers from the 15th and 16th centuries who practiced such a lifestyle. MeisterSinger watches are made of high quality materials, e.g. genuine leather, sapphire crystals and stainless steel and are distinguished by a minimalist design. All this makes the watches timeless and reliable for many years to come.

MeisterSinger collections - which one to choose?

Each MeisterSinger collection features a unique design and style. The New Vintage collection is perfect for lovers of retro style as the collection combines old design with new technical developments. The Classic collection, however, is great for those who are looking for versatile accessories. The Classic Plus collection, on the other hand, displays days on the open date ring in the centre of the dial and the Meisterstücke collection offers watches equipped with, among other things, a power reserve display and a moon phase module.

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