Each of us knows what an alarm clock is. It is a clock, the main function of which is to measure the time precisely and at a certain time to make a steady sound, reminding us that it is time to get up. We associate the standard alarm clock with a round shape and two tin bells, however, the form of the alarm clock can be quite different, matching the decor of our interior or our tastes.

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An alarm clock is an essential thing in every home, so if you are looking for the perfect alarm clock for you - take a look at our category of alarm clocks and find your dream model, with which you will be happy to wake up every morning!

The history of the alarm clock is not short at all

If you think that the alarm clock is a modern invention, you don't even know how wrong you are. The idea of such a watch was born as early as in ancient times! According to legend, the first clock of this type was created by Plato, who used water for his alarm clock - at a certain time water was forced out of the tank along with air, which passed through a whistle. Thus, the device let people know that it was time to rise from their bedding. The medieval Chinese, on the other hand, developed an alarm clock fire clock, which (in simple terms) worked so that burning incense burned through a thread, causing two weights to fall onto a tin tray. Over the centuries, human ingenuity created the idea of an alarm clock, and the mechanical precursor to today's devices of this type appeared in the 19th century, entering the homes of people around the world with a hit.

Is it worth buying a classic alarm clock?

Of course it is! A classic alarm clock is not only a functional device that will wake us up in the morning or tell us the time in the middle of the night. It is also a decoration of the bedroom or living room, which with its design will complement the interior design. So it is worth getting such a model of alarm clock, which will completely match the character of our and our home. Alarm clock is also a universal gift, which we can bestow on each of our loved ones - a good quality alarm clock will please the eye and heart of a loved one for years, and together with him or her we will also enjoy.

How about Junghans?

In our store you will find an offer of clocks from the Junghans brand, which has been producing its reliable and associated with the highest quality devices since 1861. From the beginning, the Junghans company has been associated with precision and technological progress. Looking at Junghans table and wall clocks, one immediately appreciates the quality of workmanship and the external appearance of the device. The brand's timepiece is characterized not only by the precision of its operation, but also by a style that will fit into any room in which it is placed.

Seiko - the highest quality at the best price

Seiko is a brand associated with reliability and Japanese precision and superior technology. The company was founded by Kintaro Hattori in 1892, and its name from Japanese means "success". Looking at the company's achievements and its products, one can't help but agree that the manufacturer has been a huge success in the watch industry. It is worth knowing that in 1969 the company was the first in the world to introduce an analog quartz watch.

Seiko clocks and alarm clocks are sure to appeal to everyone, not least because the manufacturer cares not only about the heart of its devices, but also about their design. Thus, we can find clocks and alarm clocks in various shapes and colors, which we can easily match to our character and interior.

Store with clocks and alarm clocks in Warsaw

The highest quality, the lowest price, uncommon design - all these features of clocks and alarm clocks you will find in our online and stationary store. At Zegarownia.pl you will get the best quality clock or alarm clock, which will serve you for years, beautifying your surroundings, also taking care of your time.

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