Finnish brand Suunto is a true legend creating smartwatches of the highest quality. High durability of materials, multifunctionality and eye-friendly design are just a few of the biggest advantages of the brand's watches. Meet Suunto 9 Peak - a novelty for fans of outdoor sports.

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Suunto 9 Peak Watches


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Suunto 9 Peak is the brand's answer to the needs of professional athletes of outdoor activities. This extremely durable smartwatch will accompany you in even the most demanding sports activities. Check out the Suunto 9 Peak watch now and learn about the uniqueness of the watches in this series.

Suunto 9 Peak - an elegant premium sports watch

Suunto 9 Peak is a refreshed and upgraded version of the flagship series of professional outdoor watches. A completely new line of the envelope, a more elegant design, make it a premium sports watch for everyday wear, even for formal meetings or for work under a tie. One of its biggest advantages is its weight. The envelope of selected Suunto 9 Peak models is made of titanium, which is very lightweight and allergy-friendly. The strap for Suunto 9 Peak models is designed from touch-friendly silicone in four color options - navy blue, black, white and gray.

What features does the Suunto 9 Peak have?

What new features does this model have over its predecessors? The pulse oximeter in the Suunto 9 Peak will allow you to check your blood oxygenation levels at any time. Support for the popular Komoot and Fatmap Suunto Plus apps is another advantage of this device, and GhostRunner and Force to Route modes are a real treat for real running pros. Last, but not least, is the charger of this sports smartwatch. The charging time for this model is only 40 minutes!

Suunto 9 Peak smartwatch - durable as you are.

As an athlete, you focus on improving your performance, so you need a watch that covers every distance with you without charging. The new cable from Suunto when combined with a powerful charger can fully charge the Suunto 9 Peak's battery in 40 minutes. This multifunctional watch is equipped with a battery life management system, so that it always works as much as you demand of it. All of this is so that it could take part in long and grueling workouts, competitions and other outdoor adventures. With the Suunto 9 Peak, he'll be ready to break more records in no time!

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