Timberland is one of the most recognized brands around the world. Its products guarantee excellent quality, durability and comfort. No wonder that it is trusted by millions of customers around the world. The products of this brand will prove themselves in any situation. The brand guarantees the production of innovative products with above-average design.

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Timberland is a company that focuses on quality and comfort, and this is evidenced by the first product it released. The company was founded in 1952 by an American shoemaker who developed an innovative technology that allowed him to design a completely waterproof shoe. The brand immediately adopted the name Timberlander, meaning "man of the woods." The tremendous success led to immediate interest in the company, and it successively launched a new range to include a watch offering in 1996. Although today the brand goes by the abbreviated name Timberland, its habits haven't changed - its motto of doing well and doing good continues to attract new and satisfied customers, and what's more is responsible for creating a business model based on the principle of partnership between the company and its employees, partners and customers. Timberland actively supports local communities by engaging employee volunteerism.

Timberland watch for the active

Timberland watches were created for people who appreciate freedom and an outdoor lifestyle. Ecology and love of nature are values stemming from the DNA of the brand, which pays attention to the smallest details in the production process. Timepieces made of the highest quality materials delight with their appearance, perfectly matching the philosophy and style of the Timberland brand. Analog and electronic watches, equipped with a range of additional functions, are ideal for distant expeditions and everyday adventures. Distinctive dials and sturdy straps will add character to men's styling, blending wonderfully with the surroundings. The unobtrusive color scheme has been kept in calm shades of brown, green and black, adding a universal character to Timberland timepieces, associated with the forest and unspoiled by human presence.

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Timberland watches are timeless in design. The designers decided to create a collection of modern and traditional, versatile and more distinctive.

For lovers of modern and rugged solutions, Timberland created models such as TBL.14260JPBO/02 from the Taxbury series, TBL.14503JPBG/02 from the Tremont series, or TBL.13554JPB/04A from the Cadion series. Electronic dials and durable bracelets made of high-quality plastics will delight any fan of modern technology and outstanding design. Timberland electronic watches are chosen by adventurous men for whom advanced technologies have become an integral part of allowing them to take on new challenges.

Timberland - watches for adventurous men

Responding to the needs of customers looking for classic timepieces, whose workmanship will outline the character of the wearer, Timberland designed models equipped with sturdy leather straps and large analog dials, such as TBL.14441JLB/02 from the Hanniker series, TBL.14524JS/07P from the Alden series, or TBL.13670JSU/02 from the Oakwell series. Classic watches that capture the spirit of the brand are appreciated by lovers of everyday fashion and fascinated by far-flung expeditions, looking for reliable devices made by a company that knows the requirements of extreme sports enthusiasts. Characterized by a classic design, however, Timberland watches will prove themselves not only in the wilderness - they will add expression to any perfectly tailored suit, making the wearer successfully get through the next important meeting.

Timberland watch store in Warsaw

The Timberland brand is not only about sports products. It also has elegant ones in its assortment. Everyone will find something for himself, thanks to the diverse offer of this company. Stop by the Zegarownia store in Warsaw - Timberland is in our assortment - and choose a watch tailored to your needs.

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