Timberland is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Products of this company guarantee excellent quality, durability and comfort of use. No wonder that millions of customers around the world trust Timberland. The brand offers innovative products with an above-average appearance. That is why the brand’s products will prove themselves in every situation.

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Timberland Watches


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    Zegarek damski Timberland Elmstead Chrono Zegarek damski Timberland Elmstead Chrono
    €211.00 €112.00

    Timberland Elmstead Chrono TBL.TDWLF2001501

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    Timberland Tyringham Women's Watch Timberland Tyringham Women's Watch
    €150.00 €74.00

    Timberland Tyringham TBL.15644MYG/04MM

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    Timberland Coleridge Men's Watch Timberland Coleridge Men's Watch
    €144.00 €79.00

    Timberland Coleridge TBL.15954JYS/02MM

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    Timberland Norwell Women's Watch Timberland Norwell Women's Watch
    €128.00 €67.00

    Timberland Norwell TBL.15645MYS/01

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Timberland is a company that focuses on quality and comfort of use, as evidenced by its first product launched on the market. The company was founded in 1952 by an American shoemaker, who developed an innovative technology that allowed to design waterproof footwear. A huge success caused immediate interest in the company. Timberland started gradually introducing a new assortment of products to the market, and in 1996 its offer was expanded to include watches. Its mantra, which is “doing well and doing good”, still attracts new, satisfied customers. Timberland is based on the principle of partnership between the company and its employees, partners and customers. The brand actively supports local communities through employee volunteering.

Timberland - watches for active

Timberland watches have been created for people who value freedom and an outdoor lifestyle. Ecology and the glorification of nature are values resulting from the DNA of the brand, which pays attention to the smallest details in the production process. Timberland watches look beautiful and are made of the highest quality materials. That is why they perfectly reflect the philosophy and style of the Timberland brand. Analogue and electronic watches, equipped with a number of additional features, are ideal for long expeditions and everyday adventures. The easy-to-read dials and strong straps add character to men’s outfits. The colours are maintained in subtle shades of brown, green and black, giving Timberland timepieces a versatile character reminiscent of the forest and the unspoiled human surroundings.

Timberland shoes? Choose a Timberland watch at the lowest price instead!

Timberland watches are synonymous with timeless design. The designers decided to create many different collections, including modern, traditional, versatile and expressive ones.

For lovers of modern and durable solutions, Timberland has created models such as TBL.14260JPBO/02 from the Taxbury line, TBL.14503JPBG/02 from the Tremont line or TBL.13554JPB/04A from the Cadion line (brak linii na Watchard i na Zegarowni). The electronic dials and durable bracelets made of high quality plastic will delight every fan of modern technology and extraordinary design. Timberland electronic watches are chosen mainly by men looking for adventure, for whom advanced technology has become an inseparable element. Such timepieces allow them to feel good and take up new challenges.

Timberland - watches for adventurous men

In response to the needs of customers looking for classic timepieces that highlight the owner’s character, Timberland has designed models with strong leather straps and large analogue dials, such as TBL.14441JLB/02 from the Hanniker line, TBL.14524JS/07P from the Alden line and TBL.13670JSU/02 from the Oakwell collection (brak linii na Watchard i na Zegarowni). Classic watches, which capture the spirit of the brand, are appreciated by lovers of everyday fashion and long journeys, as well as by people looking for reliable devices produced by a company that knows the requirements of extreme sports enthusiasts. Timberland watches will prove useful not only in the wilderness. Thanks to their classic design, they will also be perfect for formal occasions and important meetings.

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