Timex is an American manufacturer of some of the most popular watches in the world. Models of this brand are valued by customers for reliable performance, confirmed by durability tests. Timex's offer includes sports models suitable for everyday wear and training, as well as elegant models that go well with outfits for formal occasions. Our store, as an official Timex brand distributor, can offer a wide selection of women's, men's and children's watches from current collections.

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Timex Ironman Watches


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  1. Bestseller-30%
    Timex Ironman T10 watch Timex Ironman T10 watch
    €67.00 €47.00

    Timex Ironman T10 TW5M19900

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    Timex Ironman C30 watch Timex Ironman C30 watch
    €65.00 €43.00

    Timex Ironman C30 T5E901

  3. Timex Ironman C30 watch Timex Ironman C30 watch

    Timex Ironman C30 TW5M44900

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    Timex Ironman Women's Watch Timex Ironman Women's Watch
    €67.00 €42.00

    Timex Ironman TW5M03000

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    Timex Ironman C100 watch Timex Ironman C100 watch
    €89.00 €54.00

    Timex Ironman C100 TW5M03400

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    Timex Ironman C30 watch Timex Ironman C30 watch
    €74.00 €61.00

    Timex Ironman C30 T5K195

Most Popular

Timex Ironman watches are among those models that every activity lover should own - it doesn't matter if you are an amateur or a professional. So choose what thousands of satisfied athletes have opted for and convince yourself of the high quality of these watches, while breaking more records. Timex Ironman watches are just right for you - choose them now!

Why should you choose Timex Ironman sports watches?

The best reason to opt for Timex sports watches is, of course, their functionality. Thanks to the inclusion in one watch of many functions and capabilities to support your workouts, they are great for running exercises in particular - from morning jogging to intense, murderous training before a marathon. A significant number of Timex Ironman watches have built-in lap counters that help calculate distance covered, speed and progress over a given distance. This allows you to better evaluate the effects of your training and manage your exercise plan more conveniently.

Which watch for a runner should you choose? Look around among Timex Ironman watches for men.

One of them is the basic Ironman collection, which offers specialized sports watches. Timex Ironman watches are at the same time personal computers that help you carry out effective workouts. The series of watches is designed primarily for people who participate in outdoor sports, such as running or cycling. Timex Ironman watches are equipped with 100-hour stopwatches, lap counters with a memory function (depending on the model, there can be 10, 30, 50, 100, 150 and even 250!) and a score memory. The watches are waterproof to 100 meters, so they will also work well for water sports. Indiglo, a dial illumination technology developed by Timex, appears on all models.

Choose an advanced Timex Ironman running watch!

Within the Timex Ironman series, several groups of watches are available. Special attention should be paid to Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap watches. They are equipped with an innovative Tapscreen system, which allows you to switch the functions of the watch by hitting the display with your finger. The watches in this series are distinguished by their subtle design, making them perfect for sporty ladies.

Timex Ironman training watch - be like steel!

Another noteworthy watch is the Timex Ironman Triathlon Race Trainer Pro. The watch is designed for professional athletes who are looking for support for exercise training. The watch has several training plans, and is also equipped with a system that allows wireless data analysis from the computer. This allows a thorough assessment of the progress and requirements of the owner's imposed exercise program, making the watch a great tool for determining the level of fitness, which saves some visits to the doctor.