The Pulsar brand offers watches for everyone. Thanks to its diverse collections, you can choose elegant, stylish, casual as well as sports models. All watches, regardless of the collection, are characterised by precision and durability.

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Pulsar Watches


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  1. Pulsar Regular Men's Watch Pulsar Regular Men's Watch

    Pulsar Regular PS9643X1

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    Pulsar Sports Chronograph Men's Watch Pulsar Sports Chronograph Men's Watch
    €208.00 €106.00

    Pulsar Sports Chronograph PM3087X1

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    Pulsar Accelerator Solar Chronograph Men's Watch Pulsar Accelerator Solar Chronograph Men's Watch
    €244.00 €171.00

    Pulsar Accelerator Solar Chronograph PZ6025X1

Most Popular

Pulsar watches are very precise and that is why they can compete with atomic clocks in terms of accuracy. The use of technology to conquer space is what distinguishes these models. In 1972, the first Pulsar model was released (and the first electronic watch in the world!). It was also the first watch to use LED backlighting technology. These watches became so popular that they even appeared in the film about the adventures of James Bond “Live and Let Die”, which only increased the interest of customers.

Modern technology in Pulsar watches

Since 1978 the brand has been working together with the Japanese company Seiko. This merger has allowed the brand to enter a new phase of activity, based on setting new trends, i.e. surprising with modern design and constantly introducing new technologies. Seiko was responsible for advanced technology, while Pulsar for unusual and futuristic design. Thanks to the growing popularity of LED display technology, Pulsar models have become synonymous with a standard electronic watch, accessible for everyone. In the 1980s and 1990s Pulsar watches were equipped with the first additional gadgets, such as a calculator. The appearance of the watches, however, began to move towards becoming unprecedented and futuristic design. For this reason, the watches from this period are of great interest to collectors.

Unique Pulsar collections for men

To this day, Pulsar watches have been surprising with their innovation, freshness of solutions, unique design and technologies. Today, watches with solar-powered movements are the most popular models of this brand.

The avant-garde Pulsar watches often stand out from other timepieces with their excellent colours and aesthetics, especially visible on dials. The cases made of stainless steel perfectly match comfortable bracelets and leather straps. In the offer one will find both elegant models, designed for formal occasions, as well as watches for everyday use. There are also timepieces for athletes. If you are looking for original and reliable timepieces, check out the Pulsar brand.

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