Every owner of an automatic watch knows very well that their model requires constant wear to stay powered. This is easy when one owns a single watch - wearing it every day ensures its continuous operation. However, what about collectors who have more than one model, yet don't want to set the time after putting on another? Opting for a rotomat!

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What is a rotomat for a watch?

Rotomats are devices that are designed to keep an automatic watch running, that is, to constantly rotate it so that the pendulum can tighten the spring. A rotomat does this in a very simple way. It contains a watch holder with a cushion, set at an angle of 45 degrees or more. On it you mount the automatic watch model you own, and then start the rotomat. The rotating base with the watch placed on it ensures regular rotation, thus stretching the spring of the "automatic". This allows not only to keep the model running, but also to take care of its safety, among other things to protect it from the caking of watch oil.

Why should you choose a rotomat for your watch?

In addition to the purely technical advantages of this solution, there are also aesthetic advantages. Nowadays rotomats are made in a very elegant and sophisticated style, which makes them not only protective, but also a fantastic-looking piece of furniture in an apartment or jewelry store. Smaller ones will resemble an elaborate watch casket, while large rotomats will look great, especially in a living room or store - as they resemble small display cases that sensationally exhibit a collector's collection or a retailer's offer. Depending on your needs, the rotomat can be chosen for one watch, two, four, eight or even sixteen models.