Finnish company Suunto is definitely one of the world leaders in sports watches. Founded by an orienteering engineer, it has been personalized for athletes in every detail. The extensive functionality and powerful options of Suunto smartwatches allow you to have full control over your workout, and the additional HR bands that work with the sports watch alert you to your heart rate for a healthier and even more effective workout.

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Suunto Hr Belts

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HR belts of Suunto watches - what will they surprise us with?

The heart rate measurement belt is made to provide full comfort during any physical activity. You'll find the Suunto Smart Sensor HR belt module, which is designed for use with the Smart Sensor belt or Movesense-compatible sportswear - it records your heart rate while swimming, for example, and is compatible with the Suunto Movescount App. You'll find the Sensor straps in different color options, and you can wash them (by removing the module) after each intense workout. The brand has taken every athlete's comfort into account, so it also offers the Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, which is compatible with both the brand's smartwatches and some cardio training devices. Discover the best technological innovations from Suunto and let your workout improve.