The idea for creating Pacific watches was born out of love for overseas landscapes and the latest fashion trends. Each Pacific watch has a story behind it. Get ready for an adventure with Pacific watches!

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Pacific watches are synonymous with beauty, durability and functionality. Thanks to a wide range of products, you can easily find a model that is 100% perfect for you. Is it possible at all to get a stylish watch made of top quality at an affordable price? Of course it is. And the Pacific brand proves that.

Pacific watches - go for stylish watches!

We care about our customers and that’s why we offer a wide range of diverse accessories. Everyone who dreams of having an excellent watch, can get one at Watchard. The Pacific brand, for example, doesn’t stick to one style. On the contrary, it offers sporty, elegant as well as versatile watches to wear on a daily basis. With such a great selection, you can surely find the perfect watch tailored to your needs.

Pacific women’s watches - complete your stylish outfits

Sometimes not much is needed to make your outfit more interesting. Believe us or not, but even small accessories can focus everyone's attention on you. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, be sure to check out our Pacific watches. They have everything a woman can need and that’s why they are sure to make you smile every day. The Classic collection, as the name suggests, includes simple watches suitable to wear on a daily basis. The Premium collection, however, includes high-quality watches with a unique design created for ladies who expect something more from an accessory. The Fashion collection, on the other hand, was inspired by fashion shows and thus is perfect for lovers of the latest trends. Last but not least, the Fiord collection is about everything that's most beautiful in minimalism, i.e. subtle lines, delicate-looking dials and, most importantly, comfort of wearing.

Exceptional Pacific watches for men

On our website you can find a great selection of Pacific watches for men. Not only do they follow the latest trends, but they are also made of high-quality materials. Go for an accessory that will give you confidence and focus everyone's attention on you. The Premium collection is designed for the most discerning customers as it includes one-of-a-kind watches made of high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a chic accessory to your shirt or suit, go for the Premium Elegant collection. Those who lead an active lifestyle and prefer a more casual style should definitely check out the Premium Sport collection as it includes reliable and durable watches. Sports lovers, on the other hand, will be most satisfied with the Active collection as it includes tough watches with a distinctive look. Finally, the design of the Fiord collection is inspired by the current fashion trends and combines minimalism with the Scandinavian style.

Official Retailer of Pacific watches - Authorised Store - Distribution

Fashion watches offered by Pacific are a great value for money and that’s their greatest asset. At Watchard we only sell watches that come from an authorised distributor. Thus, each product comes with a certificate of authenticity and is covered by a warranty.