For many, the watch strap to the least important feature of the model chosen. Such disregard is also a big mistake - without a durable strap, especially in models whose owners are focused on sports and other activities, there is a risk of irreparable damage to the watch. That's why manufacturers have come up with one of the best ideas - the use of carbon for straps.

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Watch Straps - Carbon


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    Hirsch Carbon L 22 mm strap Hirsch Carbon L 22 mm strap
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    Hirsch Carbon L 22 mm 02592076-2-22

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If you are looking for exceptional quality belts, comfortable and, most importantly, durable, you should definitely choose carbon models. Order now and see how resistant they are.

Choose carbon watch straps!

Carbon is currently one of the most durable and comfortable materials for creating watch straps. By weaving together hundreds of filaments 1/10th of a human hair thick, it is both resistant and incredibly lightweight. As a result, it works well as a strap for watches that are particularly vulnerable to damage, such as watches designed for lovers of wilderness and mountain expeditions.There are carbon straps from two major brands - Morellato and Hirsch. Both offer high-end, aesthetically pleasing straps that will not fail even in the harshest conditions.