The Tissot PRX is a timepiece that will take you back to a time where class and style mattered immensely. Now the PRX series is a reissue of an iconic timepiece from years ago, when it was one of the best-selling timepieces in the world. The dial of the watch is stylized to resemble the old times, and comes in various color variants. Each watch has a chronograph and a date stamp located at 4 o'clock. The watch is sure to please any vintage style enthusiast.

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Tissot PRX Watches


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Luxury watches from the Swiss manufacturer are created out of love for traditional watchmaking values and the illustrious history of the Tissot brand. It is these values that are reflected in the T-Classic PRX collection, which combines vintage character with strong modern touches.

Tissot PRX - the return of iconic style from the 1970s.

The Tissot PRX series of watches are exquisite reproductions of the original iconic PRX 40 205 models from 1978. The presented watches are an extraordinary treat for enthusiasts of the authentic, even iconic retro design of those years. It can be seen in every part of the design - starting with the barrel-shaped shape of the envelope integrated with the bracelet, the large cross links, and ending with the characteristically decorated dial equipped with simple "stick" type hands.

Functionality of Tissot PRX watches

Currently, the Tissot T-Classic PRX 40 205 collection includes several model variants that will allow you to customize your watch. You can choose from dials decorated with guilloche, vertical brushing or sun-cut, and decide on the color of the dial - blue, silver, black or brown. The Tissot brand also offers a choice between the quartz movements found in the original PRX versions and the automatic-winding models that appeared in later years.

Tissot PRX watches - a guarantee of reliability and precision.

The Tissot PRX watch collection was named so for a reason. The letters "PR" are an abbreviation of the French Précise et Robuste, meaning Precise and Reliable. The "X," on the other hand, is the Roman numeral ten, which symbolizes the 10 ATM water resistance. For this reason, the entire PRX 40 205 series has been equipped with precise and highly innovative mechanisms that ensure not only highly accurate timekeeping, but also a long walk. An advantage of the quartz mechanism is the EOL function, which indicates when the battery is close to running out and needs to be replaced. In the automatic versions, on the other hand, Tissot used the innovative Powermatic 80 mechanism with a Nivachron hairspring. This makes models with such a pull resistant to magnetic fields.

Tissot PRX watch store in Warsaw, Poland.

Such a design of Tissot PRX watches makes these models enduringly popular, unique in appearance and excellent timekeeping. Bet on Tissot PRX! In Warsaw you will find models of this brand at the best prices on the market.

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