Jacques Lemans is a brand that was established in Switzerland. 40 years of experience in watchmaking has allowed it to gain recognition from loyal customers all over the world. Jacques Lemans offers diversified watches that meet the most varied tastes of its users. They are suitable for everyone. The ideas of designers combined with good quality and precision have enabled the brand to develop and distribute its products to 120 countries around the world.

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Jacques Lemans Watches


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It seems that the German-speaking part of Europe has a great talent for making efficient watches and high-end designs. It is not surprising since the long tradition of Switzerland affects neighbouring countries. That is why watches from Germany or Italy can be often found on the market. Jacques Lemans, the Austrian brand, also conquered the watch market. This watch company stands out for its dedication to tradition and the use of innovative ideas that complement the look of its models.

The success of Jacques Lemans

The watch brand Jacques Lemans was founded in 1975 by brothers Alfred and Norbert Riedl. Over the course of more than forty years of activity, it has managed to release numerous collections, which have attracted thousands of people around the world with its design. The brand has gained huge success as Jacques Lemans watches are now known in 120 countries and are sold in nearly 10,000 outlets! These numbers are impressive, especially when you consider the fact that the brand has started its activity relatively recently. This is all thanks to the excellent designs that distinguish each Jacques Lemans watch from others on the market.

Jacques Lemans watches - perfect models for every woman

Jacques Lemans La Passion is undoubtedly one of the most interesting collections in the manufacturer’s offer. The line is addressed to ladies and is mainly distinguished by its decorations. Most models from this collection have been equipped with numerous synthetic crystals that are placed on the watch case. This provides a beautiful, elegant look and a unique shine, which is typical for confident and stylish women. Meanwhile, some of the models from this collection also have crystals that surround the dial. They are reminiscent of an icy sea, while the dial itself is supposed to resemble a lonely island. These watches will surely satisfy ladies who are still looking for their style and women who like eye-catching accessories.

Movements in Jacques Lemans watches

Jacques Lemans watches are based on quartz movements of high quality, whose undeniable advantage is their long-life battery. Watches equipped with this type of movement can operate for a long period of time. Moreover, the brand offers watches with automatic movement. This type of movement can be found in men’s models, maintained in an elegant, distinguished character and classic, subdued colours.

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