Casio Vintage watches are an iconic collection of stylish timepieces that refer in style to models very popular in the 1980s and 1990s - surprisingly futuristic for the time. An object of particular desire at the time was a watch equipped with a calculator - it was the dream of every growing boy. To meet the aforementioned sentiments, Casio decided to relaunch the line, now called "Vintage."

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Casio Vintage - Retro Watches


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The Casio Vintage watch range is not only aimed at the generation that remembers the days of the first watches of this type; Vintage watches are also quite popular with today's youth. Check out the range of Casio retro watches and see for yourself its excellent design.

Go back to the past with a Casio Vintage watch - a new installment of Casio Retro watches!

Casio Vintage is still the well-known and well-loved Casio Retro watches, but in a completely new look! Changes in the production process and minor style edits led the Casio brand to propose a new name for its iconic series - and so from Casio Retro came the sensational Casio Vintage watches! The range of Casio Vintage watches includes distinctive models with a rectangular envelope and a monochrome display, as well as more classic round watches. All of them operate on the basis of excellent Casio quartz mechanisms, powered by energy flowing from a battery cell. The materials used for the envelope components are either durable stainless steel or comfortable plastic, while the straps are sometimes leather, steel or rubber. The dials of the watches are covered with mineral or hessalite glass, while their water resistance (30 or 50 meters) will protect them from possible splashes. Among all types of Casio Vintage watches, you can separate women's, men's and all-purpose models.

Casio Vintage - classic retro watches with electronic display

Naturally, the main series of Casio Vintage are digital models, equipped with a rectangular envelope and numerous functions, increasing the usefulness of the watches. They have an ever-helpful stopwatch, expanded calendar, timer and alarm, while some have the aforementioned calculator with a keypad, located directly below the display. Interestingly, one Casio Vintage model with a calculator made an appearance in the "Back to the Future" film series.

Casio Vintage Gold watch - go for the unmistakable shine of the 1980s

The Casio brand, after the unimaginable success of the Casio Vintage series of watches, decided to expand its range and offer customers something unusual even among Casio watches. This is, of course, the Casio Vintage Gold collection, which incorporates all the features of Casio watches, but has another important feature - the steel envelopes of these watches and the bracelets made of the same material have been covered with gold color, so that the watches not only feature a distinctive shine, but also refer to similar-looking models from thirty years ago. You can henceforth feel completely like you were in the classic TV series of the period, owning one of the most fashionable watches of the time. Today, the fashion for similar items and styles is coming back - also in the world of watchmaking.

Casio Vintage watches or the essence of classics

On the other hand, the Casio Vintage collection includes classic watches with an analog dial or hybrids, having a pointer dial and a digital display. These are much more subdued than the typical Casio Vintage, but just as lovely. Of special note is the "Perfect Duo" line, which are watches designed for more elegant styling.

With the creation of the analog line, Casio Vintage watches have gained the approval of people who remember mostly classic style from the 1980s and 1990s and want to focus on it when choosing a watch. Casio Vintage analog watches are an ideal choice - they have only basic functions, which makes them perfect as watches for people who feel overwhelmed by an excess of technology.

Casio Vintage Watches in Warsaw

Casio Vintage watches are available in our online store, but in addition, you will find them stationary in the store in Warsaw, where we warmly invite you! We offer expert assistance and professional advice!