The women’s collection of Casio Sheen may come as a surprise to all those who have already got used to the image of the Casio brand as a manufacturer of modern sports watches with many advanced functions. Casio Sheen is a completely different collection of watches as it includes subtle, elegant and feminine models. If you are a fan of such features, then the Casio Sheen collection is for you!

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Casio Sheen Watches


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    Casio SHEEN Classic Women's Watch Casio SHEEN Classic Women's Watch
    €174.00 €104.00

    Sheen Classic SHE-4512PG-9AUER

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Casio Sheen is a tribute to the classic elegance and jewellery. The accessories from this collection will perfectly decorate a woman’s wrist during special events. It doesn’t mean, however, that they can’t be worn on a daily basis. Casio Sheen watches, like other models from the Japanese manufacturer, are of high quality. Not only do they feature high-quality components, but they are also functional and comfortable to wear. That is why women who like to wear sophisticated accessories and want to look elegant in every situation should definitely check out the Casio Sheen collection.

The unique design of every Casio Sheen watch

In our online store, customers can find dozens of models from the Sheen collection. The collection is dominated by several basic colours: black, white, silver, gold and red. Individual models combine these colours in different ways. There is only one rule for each watch, namely the hands and indices must have colours contrasting with the background of the dial, so that the time can be easily read in any situation. In addition, the hands of the watch are covered with a fluorescent coating.

What decorates the Casio Sheen watches?

One of the advantages of the Casio Sheen collection is a large variety of models. Customers can find here both subtle watches designed in a minimalist style, without any additional ornaments, as well as spectacularly decorated models. The Sheen watches are decorated with small zircons, which shine in the sun and artificial lighting, attracting the others’ attention. The zircons are placed on the dial, on the indices, or around the dial. There are also chronographs in some models, i.e. small additional subdials that allow you to measure time accurately. They are useful not only in sports but also in everyday life, e.g. when cooking.

The luxurious Casio Sheen collection

The Casio Sheen watches have gold, old gold or silver cases made of stainless steel. They are also available in two colour versions. The Sheen collection offers watches with cases containing ceramic elements in black. The cases are fastened with steel bracelets or straps made of authentic leather. A watch with a leather strap is a great accessory to your everyday outfit, while a watch with a bracelet is suitable for various official events and special occasions.

The best materials in Casio Sheen watches

All materials used in the manufacture of watches: stainless steel, authentic leather or sapphire crystal are distinguished by their high quality and durability. Their reliability is confirmed by the manufacturer’s warranty for each watch from the Sheen collection.