Paul Glocker was a Swiss watchmaker, a respected craftsman and a chairman of EBOSSA. In this very factory, Georges Frederic Roskopf invented Roskopf watch mechanisms, and in 1943 the Appella brand was established. What were the origins of the company and what are the characteristics of Appella watches?

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Appella watches


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Let’s start with the Roskopf watch. Wristwatches with Roskopf movements were equipped with simple movements and were characterised by a low-cost production. Since Roskopf watches were accurate and very affordable, they quickly became very popular. Georges Frederic Roskopf was a true visionary of watchmaking, just like the founding father of Appella, Paul Glocker, whose mission was to constantly strive for excellence and meet the ever-changing demands of the customers.

Appella watches of Swiss origin

The brand draws on its noble history. And the heritage of the prominent watchmakers, Glocker and Roskopf, is still present in the design of Appella watches. ADRIATICA PR & A Watch Sagl, a company with considerable experience in watchmaking, has become the new owner of the brand. Thanks to this merger, customers around the world receive products that are a true representation of the best Swiss quality.

Adriatica watches are a prime example of Swiss timepieces characterised by reliability, elegance, quality and traditional style. Now, these qualities are also perfectly reflected by Appella watches. Before that, the two companies operated in parallel while remaining independent for a long time. Although competing against each other can be creative and imaginative, the owners of ADRIATICA PR & A Watch Sagl decided to join forces as they saw enormous potential in Appella watches. As a result, the Appella brand is now recognized as a serious icon in the Swiss watch industry.

Diversity and style of Appella watches

Appella watches are sure to add a touch of style and class to any outfit. One of the brand’s signature collections is Appella Diamond. The collection, as the name suggests, includes timepieces set with diamonds. Appella Diamond watches come with round, square or oval cases and silver, white, gold or black dials. In addition to diamonds, the dials are often sun-brushed or decorated with guilloché. There is also a wide selection of straps and bracelets.

Appella Moonphase is another intriguing collection. It offers watches equipped with a moon phase indicator. On our website you can find a wide variety of watches: with a gold case and a black or brown strap as well as with a silver case and black strap. In addition to a moon phase indicator, these multifunctional models also feature sub dials showing the day of the week, day of the month and month.

The Classic collection, however, is great for lovers of minimalist accessories. Thanks to the timeless design, the watches are sure to complement both formal and casual attire. Some models have been equipped with a date display as well. The dials of the Classic watches feature simple stick indices or Arabic numerals.

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