New from Hirsch. Revolutionary belts ready for summer!


New from Hirsch. Revolutionary belts ready for summer!

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.

24 Jun 2024

For years, the Hirsch brand has been synonymous with the highest quality watch straps, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. The brand owes its success to its attention to detail and constant innovations that have revolutionised the watchmaking market. New collections such as Performance and Premium Caoutchouc will undoubtedly be iconic among watch lovers around the world, offering unparalleled durability and wearing comfort.

  • The Hirsch brand offers new high-quality straps to help transform the look of your favourite watch.
  • The presence of hypoallergenic Pro Skin coating for the sake of your health.
  • Water-resistant materials that allow use in a variety of conditions.
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Unsurpassed durability and comfort

The new straps from Hirsch impress not only with their functionality, but also with their appearance. Models such as the Grand Duke with alligator embossing on Italian calfskin and the sporty Heavy Calf offer sophisticated elegance that goes well with both everyday and sports watches. These straps feature distinctive stitching, functional openings and sporty stainless steel clasps for a dynamic and modern look. They are also waterproof, scratch-resistant and made from top-quality materials for comfortable wear and durability.

Hirsch watch straps

Latest features. Waterproof and scratch-resistant

One of the most important features of the new Hirsch straps is their exceptional resistance to water and scratches, making them indispensable accessories for the most demanding users. Models such as the Carbon, made from high-quality high-tech leather with a carbon structure, provide exceptional durability even in extreme conditions. Thanks to their advanced water resistance and fast-drying material, they are perfect for active lifestyles while offering unparalleled wearing comfort and reliability. In addition, their refined design and precision craftsmanship provide the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.


A wide range of colours and designs for every occasion

The brand understands the importance of aesthetics and diversity, which is why the new watch strap collection offers a wide range of colours and designs, perfect for any occasion. The collection ranges from classic shades such as black and brown to more daring colours including yellows, oranges and blues, allowing customers to express their individual style. The variety of designs, from elegant and formal to sporty and casual, means that everyone can find something perfectly suited to their needs and aesthetic preferences. As a result, Hirsch belts are the perfect complement to both everyday and special outfits, offering not only functionality but also unique style and elegance.

Hirsch belts

Technology and innovation. Thermoregulation and ecology

Hirsch also introduces innovative solutions to make the straps more comfortable to wear. The Performance collection, with its rubber core and integrated thermoregulation, ensures optimum ventilation of the wrist, which is particularly important during sports. In addition, models such as Arne made from recycled PET material from the oceans underline the brand's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.


Pro Skin coating and hypoallergenic materials for the care of your health

For those with sensitive skin, Hirsch offers special straps with a Pro Skin coating, developed in collaboration with the University Dermatology Clinic Vienna. Featuring a rubber core, models such as John are not only waterproof but also completely vegan and skin-friendly, making them an ideal choice for health-conscious and eco-friendly wearers. The Pro Skin coating provides additional protection against irritation, guaranteeing maximum wearing comfort even in the most demanding conditions. In addition, the use of environmentally friendly materials underlines the brand's commitment to promoting sustainability.

Hirsch belt

The perfect choice for any watch lover

The new Hirsch strap collections combine tradition with modernity, elegance with functionality and innovation with environmental care. With exceptional quality and advanced technologies, Hirsch straps are the perfect choice for every watch lover looking for reliable and stylish solutions for the summer.

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.