One of the most important things we must pay attention to when buying a watch is the mechanism used in it. It is the one responsible for the operation of our timepiece and the precision with which it indicates the current time. The Wave Ceptor mechanism used in Casio watches is the most accurate mechanism available on the watch market.

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Watches With Waveceptor


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Mechanisms in watches

There are several types of mechanisms in wristwatches. Some of them require more attention from the user, while others need no intervention from the owner. A popular solution used in timepieces, is the quartz mechanism. Its name comes from the quartz crystal, whose plate is connected to the battery. The energy coming from it sets the crystal in motion, causing vibrations. It is characterized by high precision, and the deviations that occur do not exceed a few seconds per month. In some timepieces with a quartz mechanism, the battery that produces the energy is replaced by a photoelectronic cell that uses light to produce it. Another type of mechanism, which requires more attention from the user, is the manual mechanism. The main role in it is played by a drive spring, which stretches the mechanism when it is manually wound. An interesting solution is the automatic mechanism, which, despite the lack of batteries, does not require us to wind it manually. This is due to the automatic winding, in which the driving spring is stretched with each movement of the wrist. Thanks to this solution, only regular use is sufficient for regular and precise operation.

Wave Ceptor mechanism

The Wave Ceptor mechanism is an innovative solution used in the products of the Japanese company Casio. The mechanism connects via radio waves to signal transmitting towers located in England, Germany, the USA, Japan and China, updating the time displayed on the timepiece's dial in real time based on atomic clocks. The guaranteed range distance is 1,500km, while in the absence of this, the watch operates on the basis of a built-in quartz mechanism. Wave Ceptor is the most precise solution currently available on the timepiece market. It requires no adjustment, no conversion from daylight saving time to winter time and no time zone change. These features make the Wave Ceptor mechanism beloved by travelers.