Technology has entered the world of watches in earnest, and many models can now track position thanks to a GPS module, or provide support during any sport. However, all of this would be very difficult to achieve if it were not for bluetooth technology in watches.

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Watches With Bluetooth


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  4. Perfect for exercise!
  5. Bestseller-10%
    Marea Lady Women's Smartwatch Marea Lady Women's Smartwatch
    €121.00 €109.00

    Marea Lady B58008/2

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    Smartwatch Polar Vantage M2 Smartwatch Polar Vantage M2
    €253.00 €215.00

    Polar Vantage M2 725882058092

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    Smartwatch Garmin Quatix 6 Smartwatch Garmin Quatix 6
    €734.00 €639.00

    Garmin Quatix® 6 010-02158-91

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    Suunto 9 Peak All Black Smartwatch Suunto 9 Peak All Black Smartwatch
    €580.00 €477.00

    Suunto 9 Peak All Black SS050522000

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    Suunto 9 Peak Moss Gray Smartwatch Suunto 9 Peak Moss Gray Smartwatch
    €583.00 €471.00

    Suunto 9 Peak Moss Gray SS050524000

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    Garmin Fenix 6X PRO GPS Smartwatch Garmin Fenix 6X PRO GPS Smartwatch
    €754.00 €567.00

    Garmin Fenix 6X PRO GPS 010-02157-01

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  38. Coros Apex 42 mm Smartwatch Coros Apex 42 mm Smartwatch

    Coros Apex 42 mm WAPXS-COR

  39. Pacific Rose-Gold Smartwatch Pacific Rose-Gold Smartwatch

    Pacific Rose-Gold PC00135

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    Skagen Gen 6 Falster Smartwatch Skagen Gen 6 Falster Smartwatch
    €329.00 €319.00

    Skagen Gen 6 SKT5304

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If you are looking for new technologies, bluetooth watches are absolutely for you! Order now and see what an excellent choice they will be!

Watches with bluetooth - convenience and new features

The ability to run a bluetooth connection on the watch provided one fundamental opportunity that later translated into the rapid development of the entire smart watch industry - the coupling with the phone provided the ability to run applications that made life easier for the watch owner in various ways. First of all, it was the ability to download the current time information from the Internet, thanks to which the watch itself corrected any difference. But this is just the beginning - the possibilities became almost limitless.

Bluetooth watch and Android - the combination of the new century

It was not until the launch of numerous lines of smartwatches equipped not only with bluetooth connectivity, but also geolocation, workout functions, information systems on the current weather, pressure or temperature that such watch models became one of the most popular types of watches in recent years. Pairing the watch with a phone is extremely easy, and the ability to display detailed health data, thanks to a built-in heart rate monitor, also on the phone makes smartwatches perfect as personal centers for managing one's activity.

Among the leading brands in this type of device, Suunto, Garmin and Polar smartwatches, which are among the leading sports brands, should be mentioned first and foremost. Thanks to their extensive training functions, they are perfect as mobile workout management systems, allowing each user to exercise more efficiently and effectively. Those who go for an exclusive look are sure to be interested in smartwatches from brands such as Fossil Smartwatches, Diesel ON and Emporio Armani Connected.

Does a bluetooth watch have to have a digital display?

It doesn't have to! Watches that have bluetooth functions are also very popular hybrid smartwatches. The advantage of hybrid smartwatches is that they have cues that, depending on the selected setting, change position whenever the phone or watch is active. The received signal from social media or calls from certain people set the hands in the combination chosen by the user. Watches of this type include Casio's G-Shock and Edifice Bluetooth models, as well as exclusive Citizen watch models.