Marea is a Spanish company with more than 25 years of experience that produces functional smartwatches at a very affordable price. Their high-quality products aren’t only practical but also very stylish.

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Marea Smartwatches


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    Marea Man Smartwatch Mens Marea Man Smartwatch Mens
    €95.00 €86.00

    Marea Man B59003/4

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    Marea Active Smartwatch Mens Marea Active Smartwatch Mens
    €95.00 €85.00

    Marea Man B59003/1

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    Marea Lady Women's Smartwatch Marea Lady Women's Smartwatch
    €121.00 €109.00

    Marea Lady B58001/2

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    Marea Elegant Men's Smartwatch Marea Elegant Men's Smartwatch
    €123.00 €117.00

    Marea Elegant B58004/3

Most Popular

Marea smartwatches go well with everyday wear. Each watch collection is designed for a specific purpose and characterised by distinctive prints, colour combinations and forms. The brand makes sure that the components used in the production are of high quality and that the functions are useful for everyday use.

Marea watches - history of the brand

Marea is a company with over 25 years of experience which started releasing smartwatches in 2019. Marea smartwatches look very stylish and modern. Not only do they go well with sports outfits - some of them will match elegant clothes as well. The company has its headquarters in Barcelona - this is where the watch designs are brought to life.

The first collection of Marea smartwatches consisted of five timepieces that looked like those from Apple. Over time, the brand refined the style and improved functionality, releasing practical smartwatches of an original design.

Marea's best smartwatch collections

One of the brand's most popular collections is Marea Fitness. It features a unisex design that looks amazing on both men and women. Rectangular cases are either on steel mesh bracelets or silicone straps. They’re equipped with useful functions for sports and for everyday life. Marea Smartbands are also worth checking out. These bands are very comfortable to wear and are available in many colour versions. They are great for active users. Marea Elegant, however, offers smartwatches for men. They are characterised by a simple and elegant design - they will go well even with a jacket or shirt. You can customise them thanks to the additional strap included in the set. Marea Lady, as the name suggests, is a collection designed for women. These smartwatches are very stylish. They come with an additional mesh bracelet, so you can change the look whenever you please.

Marea smartwatches - useful features

Marea smartwatches will work well for people who want to stay updated and monitor their health and sports performance without looking at their phone all the time. They’re equipped with many useful features, e.g. calories consumption, distance, steps, call notifications, message and app notifications, electrocardiogram, oxygen in blood, sleep monitor, sports modes, weather, music remote control and camera remote shutter. Moreover, you can customise the look of your watch with a variety of dials to choose from. The smartwatch is resistant to dust and accidental short-term immersion in water.

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