Originating in the United States, Timex is now one of the most popular watch manufacturers in the world. It is associated by customers primarily with reliability and durability. Famous tests, such as, for example, dropping Timex watches from the Grand Coulee dam, which was supposed to prove the high durability of the brand's models, have already become a legend. Timex is also known for introducing innovative technologies to the market, such as the Indiglo system that illuminates the dial when the appropriate button is pressed.

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Timex Men's Watches


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    Timex Chrono FullBlack watch Timex Chrono FullBlack watch
    €124.00 €65.00

    Timex Chrono FullBlack TW2T21200SS

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    Timex T80 Vintage watch Timex T80 Vintage watch

    Timex T80 Vintage TW2R79000

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    Timex Expedition Grid Shock watch Timex Expedition Grid Shock watch
    €129.00 €91.00

    Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500

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    Timex Marathon watch Timex Marathon watch
    €45.00 €34.00

    Timex Marathon TW5K94800

  15. Bestseller-34%
    Timex Ironman C30 watch Timex Ironman C30 watch
    €65.00 €43.00

    Timex Ironman C30 T5E901

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Our offer also includes something for lovers of proven classics. These are Timex Easy Reader men's watches. The dials of these watches are designed to make it easy to read the time. Thanks to the Indiglo backlighting system, this is also possible at night.

Differentiation of Timex men's watches

Our store, which is an authorized distributor of the Timex brand on the Polish market, can offer its customers a wide selection of watch models. In this category we present Timex men's watches, among which there are sports, elegant and universal models. In total, our store offers more than 100 models of watches for men. All of them have high-quality quartz mechanisms and are made of durable materials that perform well in all conditions.

Timex Ironman men's sports watches

A large part of our offer is Timex men's watches from the Ironman collection. This is a collection particularly valued by professionals, due to its high-tech solutions that support the performance of exercise training, such as running. Ironman watches can be successfully treated as small personal computers, counting the number of laps and controlling training parameters.

Choose a men's Timex Military Field watch or Timex Easy Reader!

Other interesting proposals in this category are military-inspired Timex Military Field and Timex Expedition Patroller men's watches. The watches are sure to appeal to military enthusiasts, but they will be successful not only during expeditions and extreme sports, but also in everyday life as versatile city watches.