Women's Ice-Watch models are a great option for active women, choosing above all casual streetwear but at the same time maintaining class and elegance. Their unique design is the result of many hours spent on differentiated designs and in-depth analysis of the market. The result are well-known watches that have managed to attract thousands of female users around the world.

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Ice-Watch Women's Watches

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All Ice-Watch brand watches are manufactured using plastic. Such a solution not only allows the creation of unusual shapes and forms, but also ensures comfort when wearing the watches. Ice-Watch offers various types of watches: sporty, elegant and universal.

Ice Watch watches - fashionable style at an affordable price

Women's Ice Watch watches are designed for modern and confident women. The models are available in different sizes and color variations. A great accessory that will add charm to everyday styling. Ice-Watch is a manufacturer of watches created for people who focus on originality and dare to stand out from the crowd. Initially, colorful watches with unusual shapes were designed primarily for teenagers, but it soon turned out that they are also popular among other target groups, including managers, artists and representatives of creative industries.

The most popular series of Ice Watch watches

In this category we present Ice-Watch women's watches. These are models from several collections designed in a variety of styles. One of the proposals are Ice-Watch Sili Forever women 's watches. The models in this series managed to combine a classic look with a sporty style, so the watch can be worn both during sports and every day. A dynamic character is added to the watch by large indexes and an additional graduation around the dial. Sili Forever watches are available in a wide range of colors. The plastic from which they are made does not cause allergies, so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Another proposal from our online store are Ice-Watch Glam women's watches. Thanks to the unique design of these models, it is impossible to confuse them with any other. The most striking elements are the colorful plastic straps that surround the watch face. The elements that give the watches a subtle, elegant look are the gold borders around the dial. All models in the series have been equipped with everyday useful date indicators, located on the dial at 3 o'clock. The plastic from which the watches are made does not cause sensitization or irritation, which is important information for all allergy sufferers.

What is an Ice Watch made of?

Ice Watch watches made of high-quality plastic, do not cause allergies. Quartz mechanism, mineral glass and water resistance of 100 meters, so you can freely swim in them. Most timepieces are equipped with a date stamp indicating the current day of the week. Depending on the model, they are available with a light or dark dial and colored hands that give a summer look.

Store for women's Ice-Watch watches in Warsaw.

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