Jewellery pieces have always been an extremely important part of an outfit and a marker of social status. Our choice of jewellery, however, shouldn’t be based solely on the use of materials, but primarily on our lifestyle. So, think about the occasions you would wear certain pieces of jewellery.

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    Fossil Sadie Earrings Fossil Sadie Earrings
    €64.00 €55.00

    Fossil Sadie JA7133998

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    Fossil Drew Necklace Fossil Drew Necklace
    €51.00 €43.00

    Fossil Drew JF04173710

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    Fossil Sadie Earrings Fossil Sadie Earrings
    €69.00 €58.00

    Fossil Sadie JA7134998

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Jewellery made from the finest materials

Jewellery is created from all kinds of materials. Pendants or necklaces are usually made of stainless steel or silver and are often enriched with crystals. Earrings, cufflinks and bracelets are also usually made of stainless steel, but it happens that they are created from synthetic materials or leather as well. At Watchard you can find lots of men’s and women’s accessories - each jewellery piece is exceptional and one of a kind.

Jewellery brands from all over the world

Explore a stunning range of our women's jewellery! Check out earrings, bracelets and necklaces from well-known brands such as Fossil, Michael Kors, Guess, Daniel Wellington, Skagen, Tom Hope and Tommy Hilfiger. We offer unique jewellery of an original design. Michael Kors jewellery, for example, features the recognisable MK logo and is richly enriched with cubic zirconia. Be sure to check out the collection of beautiful earrings that perfectly highlight the individual style of every woman.

Guess, on the other hand, designs all its accessories in an asymmetrical way, so they look very bold and unconventional. See, for example, the brand’s heart-shaped earrings. Guess jewellery is synonymous with uniqueness, striking solutions and a stylish design.

In contrast with Guess, Tommy Hilfiger surprises with the symmetry of its products. Thanks to subdued colours and basic patterns, the brand’s accessories are perfect for any occasion. They look very elegant, chic and stylish. Fossil jewellery, however, is the most versatile of all. Like Tommy Hilfiger, the Fossil brand draws inspiration from traditional patterns, but also isn’t afraid of modifications and implementing new solutions. Fossil jewellery is not only about traditional chic that always looks good, but also about modern design that stirs the imagination.

Skagen, on the other hand, is a Danish brand that draws its inspiration from the coldness of the Baltic and North Sea. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that Skagen accessories are mainly in cool silver and are often decorated with pearls. Such a cold, refined style will particularly appeal to women looking for jewellery to match their classic and subdued outfits. Skagen offers jewellery for every woman that follows cool minimalism.

Men's jewellery

Men's jewellery includes mainly bracelets and cufflinks. If you’re looking for a bracelet, then check out Fossil and Tommy Hilfiger brands. Fossil bracelets are made of leather strands and are closed with an elegant clasp that is easy to take on and off. Tommy Hilfiger, however, offers both leather and steel bracelets that look classic and are very robust. The brand also sells elegant and stylish cufflinks that are perfect for every day and a special occasion.

Tom Hope is another brand worth looking at – the company offers stylish men’s jewellery inspired by a nautical theme, which is particularly noticeable in signature anchor-shaped clasps and sailing ropes. Tom Hope jewellery is a must-have for any man going on holiday who wants to level up his everyday look. In addition, the Tom Hope bracelet will ensure that even in the midst of a flurry of daily activities, you can take a few moments to recall relaxing days by the water.

The best selection of stylish jewellery

We offer a wide range of jewellery and that’s why everyone is sure to find something for themselves. Whether dressed up or down, our beautiful accessories are perfect for any occasion.