The Diesel brand was founded in 1978 in Italy. The first products were fashionable jeans, to this day the company is most popular precisely because of the creation of denim pants. The name Diesel refers to a car engine - the founders of the brand were passionate about automobiles. One of the primary goals of Diesel's creators has always been to create products that will resist tradition and prevailing standards in the fashion world.

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Diesel Women's Watches

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Since its inception, Diesel has employed designers who have been able to develop unique and innovative designs, from jeans to furniture to distinctive watches.

Exquisite style of Diesel women's watches

Diesel women's timepieces are designed for people who like to stand out and want to make a style statement through their watch. They are small works of art. They attract attention with their colors, designs and, above all, size. The range of models is diverse. The Italian brand offers watches decorated with crystals, on steel bracelets or leather straps. The dials of Diesel timepieces are usually minimalist, simple in form. On the other hand, for women who appreciate a more sporty style, the company has massive models, for example, on rubber straps. The variety of colors makes it possible to precisely choose a watch to suit the taste of the wearer.

Women's sports watches Diesel - bet on activity

Diesel women 's watches are models equipped with accurate quartz mechanisms, powered by a battery, which can be easily replaced if necessary. Their water resistance reaches up to 100 meters, which means that with the timepiece you can swim or dive without an aqualung without fear.

Unforgettable design of Diesel women's watches

Diesel models are very popular among female users who appreciate unique style, unusual shapes and colors. Having such a watch on your wrist, you can be sure that you will be noticed. Among the most important series of women's timepieces are: Diesel Flare, Diesel Nuki and Diesel Kray Kray.

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