A watch strap is an indispensable part of any timepiece, and the ability to change it makes it possible for us to experiment with style or match it to the occasion. The Traser brand has a wide range of bracelets and straps of various types in its collection. Which one is best for your watch?

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Traser Watch Straps


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Traser is the definition of precision and top-quality workmanship, which was recognized by the US military as early as 1991. And exactly the same qualities can be boasted by the brand's watch straps. Replacing the strap allows you to personalize your watch as much as you want or to refresh its style.

Traser watch straps will highlight your style

A suitable strap is an indispensable companion for any watch, and replacing it is an easy way to experiment with a completely different and new style. A rich and varied collection of straps greatly increases the number of variations available. Also in Traser brand watches you have many opportunities to personalize your watch by changing its strap. You can choose from classic bracelets, as well as leather, textile, rubber or silicone straps. In addition, the Traser brand uses fragrances in some rubber and silicone straps. The straps are soaked in them to maintain freshness and suppress the smell of sweat that collects on the watch. Especially in sports watches, which are used during physical activities, this is of particular importance. In Traser® brand watches, you will find two models in which the straps have been soaked in a fragrant substance (vanilla scent). These are watches from the P67 Officer Pro GunMetal line with references: 107423 and 107424, while the straps themselves have the reference TS-107421 and TS-107420. Both watches and straps can be found in our store!

Traser - watches and accessories ready for anything

Each model of Traser brand watches is certified Swiss Made. These devices provide full readability on land and under the surface of the water. Both during the course of the day and at night - this is thanks to trigalight® technology and the use of anti-reflective sapphire glass. These watches have an extremely high water resistance class, and the devices of some collections have a double case reinforced with fiberglass. This is what makes them not only perfect for deep-sea diving situations, but also makes them particularly resistant to any mechanical damage.

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