Philipp Plein is certainly an original, unconventional figure. The designer of German origin puts in his works bold, not to say audacious and brash design. And what do the watches designed by this designer look like?

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Plein Sport watches


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It may come as a surprise that Plein began his career designing... furniture. Now he is famous for his unusual, large-format performances presented during Fashion Weeks. All indications are that in addition to the textile industry, the designer will also make a name for himself in the watchmaking world. Plein Sport brand watches have appeared on the market.

Luxury design of Plein Sport watches

If the clothes designed by Plein impress with their glitz and flair, how do the brand's watches look? Quite similarly stylistically - these are timepieces with a luxurious design that will certainly help you stand out from the crowd. Enthusiasts of decisive, distinctive accessories are sure to find more than one stunning model among Plein Sports watches.

Watches for active people who appreciate avant-garde design

Plein Sport models, as the brand says of itself, have captured the active fashion segment. Among the brand's watches, half of the models are designed for men, ⅓ for women, and the rest are unisex models. For the most part, the watches present futuristic design combined with luxury, although in addition to avant-garde models, slightly more classic ones are also available. The brand uses advanced technological solutions, combining them with the thrill of top sports performance reflected in the design of the watches.

Rich colors and sporty flair of Plein Sport watches

Technical and sporty materials are used in the production of Plein Sport watches. It is in vain to look for leather straps or stones decorating the dial. Characteristic motifs appearing on the brand's watches are a tiger's head and a scratch, reminiscent of a tiger's claws. These motifs regularly appear on dials and straps. The variety of colors and materials used in the watches' envelopes and straps makes it easy to find a model that suits our tastes among the collection.