Bowa creates watches for women who are curious about the world around them and enjoy life to its fullest. The brand offers watches designed in a timeless style that match every outfit. Bowa is a guarantee of high quality and reliability.

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Bowa Watches


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Are you always on the go and don't have time to think about whether an accessory matches your outfit? With a Bowa watch you can be sure it will go well with anything. Why should you choose Bowa watches?

Bowa’s philosophy

Changing trends make us crave for new things, from home decor and gadgets to clothes and accessories, including watches. What if you had a chance to buy something that can be worn year after year or used for a long time? Bowa's mission is to create accessories that are versatile enough to become part of your everyday wardrobe. Choose a Bowa watch and you won't need any other watch in the future!

The fashion capitals of the world serve as inspiration for Bowa watches

Each Bowa collection pays tribute to a different fashion capital of the world. That’s why each one is different and unique. The collections are inspired by the industrial architecture of New York, diverse and modern Tokyo, elegant and chic London and inspiring Milan. Regardless of the collection, everyone will find a watch to suit their needs as there’s a great selection of colours to choose from. The versatility of accessories, travel inspiration and the power of women are the themes behind each of the brand's collections.

Which Bowa watch to choose?

Are you a self-confident woman who appreciates top quality accessories that will accompany you during various activities throughout the day? Are you busy and don't have time to constantly switch up your accessories? Minimalist and refined Bowa watches are both beautiful and practical as they are suitable for many occasions. Bowa watches are designed for women who are curious about the world around them and enjoy life to its fullest.

Bowa London - traditional watches

Interesting details are a hallmark of the Bowa London collection. The first eye-catching element is a Roman index at 12 o'clock, which stands out from the other stick indices. Some watches also have sun-brushed dials. Bowa London watches feature a unique bracelet made of large links with invisible closure. This collection is inspired by the British Isles, and more specifically by the classic and traditional design associated with this territory. Therefore, it can be said that the collection proves that time frames in the world of watches are not an obstacle, but an additional advantage in their creation.

Bowa Milan - beauty of the Italian style

Simplicity in brilliant colours - this is the simplest way to describe the Bowa Milan collection. Stick indices, slim hands and a circular date display at the 6 o'clock position will catch the eye of every fashion lover. Rectangular lugs join either a leather strap or a steel mesh bracelet. Bowa Milan watches perfectly reflect the beauty of the Italian style.

Bowa New York - art deco and avant-garde

Raw, full of skyscrapers - that's New York. The design of Bowa New York watches is very similar to this industrial city. The watches combine the characteristics of New York with classic colours to obtain a beautiful effect. On the dial of each model there are dagger indices and slim hands. Also, the watch faces are often polished. Bowa New York watches are available with a mesh bracelet or a leather strap. New York seduces and delights - no one is left indifferent after seeing this city. Everyone feels good there. One thing is sure - the Bowa New York watch is exactly the same as this US city.

Bowa Tokyo - oriental modernity

Bowa Tokyo reflects minimalism in a new form. What distinguishes it from other collections is undoubtedly a wide bezel, which provides a great protection of the dial. The watch face features simple stick indices and slim hands. Watches in gold and black are also ground. You can choose watches with either natural leather straps or mesh bracelets. Bowa Tokyo fuses modernity with Eastern inspiration.

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