Lotus are watches that feature sophisticated designs and technological advancements that will please the eye of any of its owners. Explore the brand's wide range of products and fall in love with one of Lotus' unique models.

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Lotus Women's Watches

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The Lotus brand is a modern take on the art of watchmaking, which was brought to market by the Festina Group brand, of which it is a sister company. These are watches that are characterized by sophisticated design and technological advancements that will please the eye of each of its owners. Lotus has become very popular at a very fast pace, and the brand is trusted by thousands of people around the world.

Lotus watches - history of the brand

The Lotus brand was established in the 1980s, just after the quartz revolution in the watch industry had ended. Thus, the company became the heir to a new tradition, the introduction of a quartz mechanism in its designs. Watches with such a drive are characterized by accuracy in timekeeping, resistance and affordability. This is the secret of such great popularity of this brand and the invariable title of sales bestseller in such countries as Germany, Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Lotus watch - elegance for every woman

Lotus watch is synonymous with elegance and timeless style. The products of this brand will be loved by any lady who appreciates just such qualities. Each model has a classic look that will fit into any styling. Lotus watches are made of precious metals, which refine each wrist. Each model has a waterproof rating of 50 meters, which makes it easy for everyday use. In addition, many models have additional ornaments, such as zircons and Swarovski crystals, which give these models an extra chic touch.

Lotus watch store in Warsaw

Buying a Lotus watch is your best decision. The product of this brand will brighten up any of your styling. Lotus watches - in Warsaw you will find at the best prices!