Among the women's watches in the Zegarownia store's offer are also women's solar watches, whose driving force is sunlight. Such a propulsion system is one of the most advantageous and ecological solutions, as it does not require regular replacement of batteries, using an extremely efficient and yet extremely underestimated energy - the sun.

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Solar watches - the principle of operation

It is very easy to describe the functioning of solar watches, since their principle of operation is very simple and is basically based on a quartz mechanism - the vibrations of the quartz crystal placed in the watch are calculated by the system and on this basis the value of one second is calculated. The only difference is the method of power supply - ordinary quartz watches draw their energy from a battery, which must be replaced regularly at a qualified watchmaker. Meanwhile, solar watches do not need any replacements, because the battery inside allows for repeated charging. This, in turn, is done through solar panels placed on or under the watch face. Such a system is extremely efficient, as it not only charges the entire battery, but it also allows the watch to be used for a long time without recharging.

Choose the best solar watch brand

Among solar-powered watches, there are several brands that base their timepieces in large part on such a drive system. One of them is the Casio brand, maker of the reliable Casio G-Shock Tough Solar series, featuring not only exceptional shock resistance, but also an extremely efficient solar mechanism that guarantees fast charging and free operation of the entire system. Another company whose solar watches are among the best is, of course, Bering with its Solar models. Being a sensational combination of excellent style, referring to the mighty icebergs, and at the same time a great example of modern technology.

Citizen Eco-Drive - solar revolution.

Among solar watches, a very important place is occupied by the Citizen brand, manufacturer of the world-famous Eco-Drive models, which are the true ideal of a solar watch. Especially Citizen Eco-Drive women's watches are worth attention. This is because they not only draw energy from the sun, but also from artificial light, which is already a revelation in itself. However, also extremely important is the fact that this watch can operate in total darkness for up to six months after a full charge! Citizen watches are also equipped with other features, such as the Radio Controlled module, which are sure to appeal to technology lovers at their best.