Junghans watches are an example of the most developing brand taking care of every detail of each model constructed. This is complemented by a classic look that will harmonize with even the most elegant styling. Every woman should appreciate their timeless character.

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Junghans Women's Watches


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Get to know the Junghans brand and find out that the secret of every watch lies in its depths.

Junghans watches - a long-standing tradition

The origins of the Junghans brand can be traced back to 1861 in the German town of Schramberg. Erhard Junghans, the company's founder, wanted to construct watches that would surpass previous watchmaking thought. He succeeded flawlessly, as after just a few years the company became one of the most respected brands in Germany and the rest of Europe. Innovation is the brand's motto, as evidenced by the use of radio and solar technology, creating some of the most accurate watches. The success of the brand is still noticeable today, as Junghans continues to be among the top watch manufacturers.

Junghans women's watches

The Junghans concern will satisfy the needs of the biggest fans of vintage style. Watches from this company will complement any styling by adding a classic touch. This is confirmed by the Meisler series, the universal form of which is combined with excellent equipment of proprietary drive mechanisms, which provide more precise measurements than other brands. Despite 150 years of tradition, the concern continues to search for ideal solutions to satisfy the needs of its loyal fans around the world.