Leanschi is an Austrian company dedicated to making premium accessories. These are products that are primarily intended to be practical, and to be durable and aesthetically pleasing, the manufacturers do not care about being perceived as luxurious. The range includes rotomats for automatic watches, storage boxes or travel cases. Extras of the highest quality? Check out the brand's suggestions!

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Leanschi - Watch Winders and Watch Cases


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Leanschi boxes and rotomats were created for lovers of watchmaking, good craftsmanship and functionality. Stylish workmanship goes hand in hand with other values professed by the brand. As we read on the manufacturer's website, a high emphasis is placed on honesty and partnership - both when it comes to collaborations with other brands on new collections, as well as when it comes to activities with distributors, retailers, etc. The founders believe that working together is a source of creativity and fresh ideas.

Leanschi rotomats and boxes - accessories for aesthetes and those with a practical sense

The Leanschi brand was born out of a desire to improve personal accessories from the watchmaking sector and adjust their functionality to fit into everyday use. The accessories created by the manufacturer are characterized by practicality as well as clean form and modern design. They stand out from the crowd while allowing you to remain discreet, subtly accompanying you on your travels and every day. These are things you want to use - they make life simpler and more convenient. They are an ideal gift idea for true aesthetes.

Leanschi's assortment includes rotomats of various sizes, which will work well for followers of automatic watches, boxes for storing watches and cases - great for travel or when you want to transport your watch safely from place to place. New products created by the manufacturer include accessories in the form of bags and wallets, as well as cufflinks and bracelets.

What are the features of Leanschi rotomats?

The rotomats created by Leanschi are distinguished by their quality materials and interesting functionality. They are made using varnished wood and vegan leather. The motors of the devices are designed in Japan. The whole device is easy to operate, which is done via an LCD display. Very low magnetic field emissions do not affect the operation of the watch's capture. A power adapter and/or battery are included.

Leanschi rotomats feature a "boost" function designed for watches whose gait reserve has been completely exhausted before being inserted into the device's chamber. It is found in selected products. The sleep option allows a 12-hour break so as not to disturb your sleep. When the rotomat is off, the watches will be placed in the correct vertical position thanks to the 12 o'clock system. LED technology affects less power consumption. The watch winding compartments are designed to fit both small and quite large products.

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