To date, smartwatches have usually been associated with powerful-looking sports timepieces, equipped with plenty of functions, useful, however, for physically active people. This state of affairs has forced manufacturers to create entirely new collections, more suitable for everyday use, and equipped with the latest technologies.

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Hybrid Smartwatch


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The fruit of these developers' efforts is the creation of a hybrid smartwatch - a smart watch, shaped like a classic timepiece. The most important feature of hybrid smartwatches is their constant connectivity with other devices, through a built-in bluetooth module. In this way, the watch sets the correct time by itself, and also allows itself to be easily configured from a second receiver, such as a phone. Typically, "smart" watches are equipped with an extremely energy-efficient battery, which allows them to last much longer than is the case with other models - smartwatches, which have quartz mechanisms.

The best brands of hybrid watches

In recent times, various collections of smartwatches have been created, fitting into the lines of hybrid watches. Some of the most important are the products of two great American companies, namely the hybrid Fossil Q, as well as Timex IQ+ and Timex Metropolitan+. Intended for men, the Fossil Q Crewmaster and Nate, and the women's Fossil Gazer and Tailor watches feature an additional digitizer, allowing them to show pre-configured data, including notifications of incoming calls or a second time. Timex's models also feature an auxiliary activity tracker, on which one can see a percentage breakdown of completed daily intentions.

A hybrid smartwatch is the style you need

A similar scheme of constructing hybrid smartwatches has been found in fashion-type pieces produced by brands such as, Skagen - Skagen Connected and Guess, presenting Guess Connect. Guess smartwatches differ from others in that an additional smaller digital display is installed on their dials, as well as the ability to charge the battery via a USB port. Hybrid smartwatches are not only purely jewelry accessories that go well with elegant styling, but work well as a fantastic addition to everyday outfits. For lovers of sporty style, on the other hand, Casio Edifice hybrid smartwatches with a powerful bluetooth system will be a perfect solution. The collection itself says a lot - these are watches with a much sportier character.

Innovative technologies in a hybrid smartwatch

The hybrid smartwatch seems to be the future of watchmaking - a sleek combination of a classic watch with innovative technologies. It is also the perfect consensus for people who need an elegant accessory, but do not want to give up their passion for electronic gadgets and constantly want to be online and have at their fingertips (literally) a source of notifications about upcoming