Michael Kors jewelry is an excellent option for ladies looking for chic ornaments, the quality of which is guaranteed by the world-famous fashion designer. A balanced choice of materials, as well as bold designs, make the decorative elements from Michael Kors not only beautify women's styling, but also stand out in the crowd, arousing envy in the rest of the representatives of the fair sex. These ornaments can also be the perfect complement to the designer's beautiful watches.

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Michael Kors (Mk) Jawellery


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All ornaments from Michael Kors are made of the highest quality materials. The content of most of them is high-quality stainless steel, which does not cause dangerous allergic reactions; this material is often complemented by elements made of plastic or natural leather, and in one case even wood. Michael Kors jewelry can be divided into two main categories. The first is all ornaments sensu stricto, i.e. rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The second group, on the other hand, consists of ultra-modern smartwatches, encased in the form of elegant bracelets.

What does Michael Kors jewelry consist of?

- Bracelets - whether in the form of loose pendants, or as tightly wrapped spirals around the wrist. They are often decorated with zircons, and some models have the manufacturer's logo embossed into the design in an interesting way. Just among the bracelets you can find an interesting decoration, for the production of which wood was used.

- Earrings - occurring as pendants or in the form of tightly attached to the ears. Mostly they are richly decorated with zircons, and the characteristic logo of the manufacturer - MK - is visible.

- necklaces - usually they are loose chains, with an encumbering, richly decorated central element.

- rings - of extremely interesting design, they often come in the form of twisted metal bands, decorated with crystals.

- smart bands - the last category is made up of modern smartbands, namely the MK Access Crosby and MK Access Varick collections. Enclosed in the form of elegant bracelets, they conceal unique features, of which it is worth mentioning full compatibility with smartphones, equipped with Android and iOS, as well as accelerometer and sleep quality monitor functions.

Purchased in the store Zegarownia.pl Michael Kors jewelry total guarantee of originality, and the set - in addition to the manufacturer's box - comes with a two-year warranty.