In the category of military watches are gathered models created for people associated with military units, as well as those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Most military watches use solutions initially used in equipment manufactured for the world's top armies. Over time, these solutions found their way into watches for civilians, but you can still be sure that they will perform well in all conditions.

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Military Watches


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    Casio G-SHOCK Classic Watch Casio G-SHOCK Classic Watch
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    G-SHOCK Classic GA-900-4AER

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    Victorinox Alliance Mechanical Men's Watch Victorinox Alliance Mechanical Men's Watch
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    Victorinox Alliance Automatic 241898

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We can recommend military watches not only to lovers of military style and people who are active in sports. These types of watches can also be confidently worn with everyday styling, and even with an elegant shirt. Their versatile nature makes them ideal for any occasion, plus they will prove perfect for active leisure.

Which military watches to choose?

Military watches are produced by many reputable companies, such as Locman, Traser, Timex and Citizen. Individual companies usually prepare special series of watches inspired by military models, for example, Locman - Marina Militare and Marina Montecristo Marina Militare, Timex - Expedition Military. Military watches feature modern functions and tools to make life easier for amateur or professional sports people. Among them are illuminated dials or hands, date pads, stopwatches or shock resistance. Military watches are designed to serve the wearer reliably for many years. Individual models are made from materials such as carbon fiber, cordura, mineral or sapphire glass. As a result, the watches are resistant to scratches and damage, and at the same time comfortable to wear - military watches are usually met with lightweight materials that provide comfort on a daily basis.

Military watch for active people

Many watches in this category are designed for representatives of specific sports. These are primarily water sports, such as diving and sailing. Such watch models are fully waterproof and water-resistant, and made of lightweight, non-water-absorbent materials such as rubber and plastics.

The distinctive look of military watches

Military style watches are an example of modern, functional design. The models presented in this category are men's watches, so their color scheme is dominated by black, gray, dark green and brown - colors that match most men's outfits, both elegant and sporty. What determines the uniqueness of individual watch models are the details - colorful numerals and hands that stand out from the dark background of the dial, additional dials in other colors, etc. Most often, military watches have large, clearly visible dials with not only hour and minute hands, but also practical date displays and chronographs. Among this type of watches you can find models with classic round envelopes, as well as those with unusual square envelopes.