The Italian company Morellato was founded in 1930 and today is one of the oldest manufacturers producing watch straps, over the years becoming a world leader in its segment. The Morellato brand offers a very rich assortment of straps, maintained in various styles and colors, as well as made of different types of materials.

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Watch Straps - Morellato


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The strength of Morellato watch straps is the stylish Italian character of the products and the creative approach to design, which, combined with high quality materials and meticulous workmanship, create an exceptional and unique accessory. Morellato straps are appreciated by users all over the world.

Watch straps of the highest quality

Morellato straps are made using the highest quality leather from controlled breeding, and only natural dyes are used. The combination of traditional hand-stitching techniques and new technologies maintains the unique Italian style and quality, while making the most of available materials and techniques.

Morellato's hand-stitched watch straps are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion, while those made by machine, feature a striking pattern - perfectly visible in the case of contrasting patches, i.e. white thread - black strap.

Types of straps for Morellato watches

The watch store offers a wide assortment of Morellato watch straps, ranging from classic leather models in black, brown, beige and gray, to those made of plastic - dedicated to budget watches, in more daring colors (such as red or blue). It is also worth mentioning extremely durable models of carbon straps, which use a special material that significantly extends the life of the entire strap.

We can find models dedicated to both smaller envelopes - starting from 18 mm, to slightly larger copies - having up to 24 mm of strap width at the envelope. This allows you to freely choose from the many models offered in our store.

Straps for Morellato watches - Warsaw store.

If you are in need of a strap for your Morellato watch, then come to our stationary store in Warsaw at Witosa 31 Street, in Galeria Panorama. Our professionals will measure the width of the strap and select the perfect model from hundreds of Morellato straps available off-the-shelf.