The jewelry category of the Paul Hewitt brand is filled to the brim with beautiful stylish accessories from this manufacturer. The brand focuses on making its products timeless, versatile and simply beautiful. This jewelry will adorn many a woman's wrist, neckline, hand or ear, giving the owner a striking shine.

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Paul Hewitt Jewellery


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Do you want to express your style? Shine at every meeting, feel beautiful and noticed? Take a look at our Paul Hewitt jewelry category and find what will emphasize your femininity, uniqueness and class.

Sailing motifs always in fashion

Paul Hewitt is a brand that focuses first and foremost on making sure that a nautical theme appears in every piece of its jewelry. The manufacturer's motto is "sincerity and authenticity" and this ideology is manifested in every product that appears in the manufacturer's offer. Paul Hewitt jewelry is based on the nautical motif - the anchor, which appears in various versions in bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, sparkling and eye-catching.

When you choose Paul Hewitt jewelry, you are choosing a high-quality product, created with the utmost precision and love for creating beautiful things. It doesn't matter whether you prefer the Masurian lakes, the Baltic Sea or the Atlantic Ocean - the anchor symbol will always take you aboard a ship, bringing back fond memories.

Paul Hewitt jewelry - bracelets for every woman.

Are you looking for the perfect bracelet for yourself? Check out the range of bracelets from the Phreps and Phreps Lite lines - the anchor element is placed on one or two strong ropes, associated with mooring lines. The multitude of colors can turn heads - it is impossible to pass by them indifferently, they will be the perfect addition to your outfit.

Do you prefer a stronger accent? Paul Hewitt North Bound bracelets will delight you for sure - they are made of sturdy leather, with an anchor set on it, and yes, an anchor. And if you want something more delicate, the Marble Pearl Steel series with small stainless steel beads in silver colors and rose gold plated by ionization comes to the rescue. And if you prefer stiff bracelets, the Ancuffs series is sure to meet your expectations.

Paul Hewitt rings and earrings - delicate trinkets.

In our category of Paul Hewitt jewelry you will also find beautiful and delicate rings from the Anchor Rope series, whose design is reminiscent of an anchor suspended from a rope, while the Ancuffs series presents an open ring resembling an anchor bent around the finger. The rings are made of extremely durable stainless steel, silver-plated or ion-plated.

Earrings also attract more than one eye, impressing with their minimalism and sparkle. Paul Hewitt created the Northern Delight series - screw-in earrings in silver-plated or gold-plated stainless steel, of course, with an anchor shape. In addition, among Paul Hewitt's jewelry we can find charms from the Anchor Charms series, which we can successfully attach to our beloved bracelet or car keys.

How about a necklace from the Paul Hewitt brand?

The nautical style of the anchor can also be found in necklaces from Paul Hewitt. The Anchor Spirit series looks wonderful on a woman's neckline. The small pendant made of sterling silver (also gold-plated) will wonderfully complement your look consisting, for example, of a white linen shirt or a blouse with a deeper neckline.

On the other hand, if you want something that doesn't have an anchor motif, opt for a pendant from the North Love series. The heart-shaped pendant in 925 silver will make you fall in love with it. The hearts come in both yellow and rose gold plated versions.

Paul Hewitt jewelry store in Warsaw, Poland.

Sincerity, authenticity, quality, class and low price - these are the undeniable assets of the Paul Hewitt brand. The most beautiful nautical jewelry will make you feel amazing. Paul Hewitt jewelry is also an ideal idea for a great gift for a woman close to you. Visit our online store today and purchase the Paul Hewitt jewelry piece of your dreams for yourself or a loved one.