Carl von Zeyten watches are a German tradition cultivated for more than 50 years. Their quality, style, as well as remarkable design wins the hearts of many fascinated by prestigious and precise watchmaking. The refined and richly ornamented design of these watches perfectly reflects the authorial character of the brand.

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Carl Von Zeyten Men's Watches


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    Carl von Zeyten Neustadt Skeleton Automatic gents watch Carl von Zeyten Neustadt Skeleton Automatic gents watch
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    Carl von Zeyten Neustadt Skeleton Automatic CVZ0008BLS

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Carl von Zeyten men's watches are designed for gentlemen who want to break the classic suit style and have a taste for unique and unusual accessories. Right now, explore the offerings from this German company.

Why choose Carl von Zeyten men's watches and what makes them stand out?

Men's watches from the German brand Carl von Zeyten are tried-and-true and good-quality models that impress with their unique style. They catch the eye with the refined appearance of their dials. Fancy decorations are complemented by skeletonized forms, open heart windows and cleverly crafted bridges and balances - in some models even double, such as in the Black Forest collection. Their great asset, in addition to their uncommon appearance, is the excellent work of mechanical automatic-winding mechanisms. Most of the watches measure the time precisely through this mechanism, which in most cases is exposed. However, the brand does not deviate from traditional standards and tries to fit into the tastes of different customers. A different example from skeletonized forms is the Carl von Zeyten Urach model, which is not a skeleton, but attracts attention with its elegant combination of a silver polished dial with various functions with a comfortable strap sewn from leather.

Men's Carl von Zeyten watches - collections.

Each wearer of Carl von Zeyten watches can choose a matching model from a wide range of watches and several representative collections, including Baden-Baden, Bernau, Murg, Oberkirch, and Black Forest. Each of the series has been designed with attention to the smallest detail. This is particularly evident in the dial designs, which hark back to the concept of skeleton watches. The refined details make them delightfully cohesive in style. Each collection presents a modern and richly decorated style, which creates a new direction not only in fashion, but also in watchmaking. Gentlemen who dream of a return to the past should opt for the Schutter pocket model. The Elzach and Waldkirch collections, on the other hand, are for men who like to watch the mechanism in its entirety.

Carl von Zeyten - good value for money

The Carl von Zeyten brand and its various collections of men's watches, in addition to a sophisticated and unique design, also present a ratio of the best quality materials to an affordable price. This combination guarantees the opportunity to benefit from good quality products, which are created by qualified specialists.

Carl von Zeyten men's watch store in Warsaw

Carl von Zeyten is a brand that in the creation of its watches focuses on attention to the smallest details, and at the same time to make them meet the standards of modern and even bold suit watches, breaking the classic norms. In both our online and stationary store you are sure to find, tailored to your needs, a model that defies the traditional understanding of watchmaking. Each of the watches from Carl von Zeyten comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.