Atlantic products offer exclusive, elegant and technologically advanced watches. The history of the brand dates back to 1888, and the products of the brand still delight today. Thanks to the long tradition, the brand remains at the forefront of the most recognizable manufacturers, while remaining faithful to the craftsmanship of Swiss manufactures.

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Atlantic Watches


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  4. ETA VALJOUX movement
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    Zegarek męski Atlantic Seatrend Zegarek męski Atlantic Seatrend

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    Atlantic Sealine Women's Watch Atlantic Sealine Women's Watch

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    Zegarek męski Atlantic Seatrend Multifunction Zegarek męski Atlantic Seatrend Multifunction
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    Atlantic Seatrend Multifunction 65550.41.25

  18. ETA VALJOUX movement
  19. ETA VALJOUX movement
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    Zegarek męski Atlantic Worldmaster Automatic Zegarek męski Atlantic Worldmaster Automatic
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    Zegarek męski Atlantic Worldmaster Automatic Zegarek męski Atlantic Worldmaster Automatic
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    Zegarek męski Atlantic Worldmaster Automatic Zegarek męski Atlantic Worldmaster Automatic
    €715.00 €666.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €666.00

    Atlantic Worldmaster Automatic 52759.41.25RM

  23. Zegarek męski Atlantic Seatrend Zegarek męski Atlantic Seatrend

    Atlantic Seatrend 65353.41.25

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Atlantic watches are one of the most sensible choices for anyone who needs an exclusive, elegant and aesthetically pleasing watch. Thanks to years of tradition and a focus on recreating tried-and-true patterns using modern materials, Atlantic watches are constantly at the forefront of elegant models straight from Swiss manufactures.

The origins of Atlantic watches - a history that inspires

Atlantic, or rather in the beginning Eduard Kummer Bettlach (EKB) was founded by Eduard Kummer. In the town of Grenchen in Switzerland in 1888. Eduard Kummer is regarded as one of the founders of Swiss watchmaking. He began his adventure with watches by working for many years as a journeyman craftsman. Perfecting his craft took him to France, where he earned the title of master watchmaker. Upon his return to his hometown, with the support of local residents he established a special industrial zone, the first manufactory was established just in 1888, giving rise to the Eduard Kummer Bettlach company. The small local business, which started with 15 employees, already employed nearly 800 people by the end of the 19th century.

Atlantic watches, or the evolution of quality for gentlemen

The company's beginnings were extremely difficult. Lack of access to electricity meant that the manufactory had to base its operation on human muscle power. Electricity did not arrive in Grenchen until 1905. As an exceptional visionary, Kummer believed strongly in the development of industry. In 1937 he introduced a 6-day paid vacation, which was a phenomenon at the time. In addition, he instituted work breaks. In its early days, EKB produced components for brands such as Longines and Certina. The first product signed as Atlantic was created in 1932, and it was the world's only waterproof watch. The company took as its logo an anchor and a circular wheel. A milestone, in the world of technological innovations, was the invention of a high-speed date mechanism using a crown in the 1950s. As is not hard to guess, this was due to Atlantic. A date of particular importance in the history of the company, looking from the perspective of Poland, is 1950. It was then that the first models of the brand appeared on our home market. Interestingly, from 1965 until the early 1990s Atlantic was the most popular watch company in the country. After a two-year absence in 1998, Atlantic watches again returned to Polish wrists. In 2009 Krzysztof Holowczyc became the European ambassador of the brand.

An example of the ideal - an Atlantic watch

Over the 120 years of the company's existence, many outstanding and groundbreaking models were created. The most popular of these was the Wordmaster, which then became a whole series of watches. It is still produced to this day. It is also worth mentioning two exceptionally resistant models - the titanium Nautilus, giving the ability to dive to a depth of 1,000 meters, and the Midas with unprecedented durability and resistance of the envelope. Currently, the company has more than 20 different watch collections. Starting from very elegant lines like Sealine to more sporty ones like the Seahunter Chronograph line. The hallmark of Atlantic watches is their design. Classics and simplicity, in this case, speak to a huge plus and give a unique uniqueness. In each model you will find the best Swiss ETA mechanism. The use of mineral and sapphire glass gives the highest resistance to scratches and cracks. Various degrees of water resistance allow you to swim freely, without having to take the watches off. The use of the legendary ETA Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement has been standard for some time.

Atlantic Worldmaster, or the heritage of the brand

The quintessence of Swiss watchmaking art tradition? Here is the Atlantic Worldmaster - a legend in its class. In its design, the watch harks back to the classic models created by the brand - traditional analog devices made of top-quality materials such as stainless steel, gold and natural leather. In the wide range of Atlantic Worldmaster watches you can find models equipped with traditional manual or mechanical winding mechanisms. This is a tribute to the Swiss art of watchmaking, but also a treat for watch fans.

Water resistance and retro style - Atlantic Beachboy

As the name suggests, the Atlantic Beachboy is a nod to watches for fans of water sports. Watches in this series are equipped with a water resistance of 100 meters, which gives us the ability to swim and dive at shallow depths. Guarantee of the best indications gives us an excellent automatic mechanism. The sturdy envelope and the classic bracelet are designed from high-quality stainless steel. The whole guarantees us a constant excellent quality of the watch.

Atlantic watch - unchanging quality

Atlantic especially for us, Poles, is a special brand. Very often chosen as a gift, it becomes a sentiment and then the first choice when buying a new watch. The company has earned its reputation for the highest quality of workmanship and legendary reliability.

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