Although Locman was founded less than 40 years ago, it is now one of the most popular Italian brands. What makes Locman unique? The watches of this brand combine innovative technology, unusual design and unquestionable quality. Thanks to these features, the Locman watches have quickly become luxury accessories. Today Locman is one of the most important companies in Italian industry.

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Locman Watches


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    Locman Montecristo Lady watch Locman Montecristo Lady watch
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    Locman Montecristo Lady 0526A01A-00BKNKPK

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    Locman Stealth Women's watch Locman Stealth Women's watch
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    Locman Skeleton Automatic watch Locman Skeleton Automatic watch
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    Locman Skeleton Automatic 0538A07S-00GYLIPAU

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    Locman 1960 Solo Tempo Women's Watch Locman 1960 Solo Tempo Women's Watch
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    Locman 1960 Solo Tempo 0253R08R-RRWHRGPP

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Most Popular

Locman is one of the most popular Italian brands, which for more than thirty years of its existence has created numerous collections, chosen by thousands of users around the world.

The unusual Italian design in Locman watches 

Locman watches are the latest trends that combine the design of the Italian temperament and the highest quality materials, namely titanium, cordura and carbon fibers. The creation of many series of watches allows for freedom of choice. These watches will surely meet the expectations of the most demanding users. You will find here both classic propositions and a daring design selection. There are also many limited series, in which each Locman watch has a unique engraved number. This makes Locman a brand dedicated to people for whom prestige and a sense of exclusiveness are very important.

Military references in the Locman collections

At the same time, Locman does not limit itself to daring experiments and constantly broadens its horizons. Locman has been cooperating with the Italian Armed Forces since 2005, which resulted in the creation of exclusive watch models equipped with special emblems that identify individual military units. In addition to the emblems on the dials, these watches had unique parameters that were able to meet the most extreme challenges.

Top quality Locman watches!

The Locman watches feature primarily top quality materials that determine the strength of the brand and its products. The Italian brand, appreciated by people all over the world for its reliability, universality and practical application, is one of the most important manufacturers of wristwatches. 

This is due to the maintenance of high standards in manufacturing all Locman watches. Watch cases are usually made of titanium or carbon fibers. Thanks to that, they are extremely resistant to damage. Sapphire crystal glass offers the highest level of scratch resistance, however, it can still be subject to cracking or shattering. In addition, the water resistance of Locman watches fluctuates from 50 to even 300 meters. This means that each model can be worn during everyday activities such as bathing, washing dishes or swimming in the pool. The most water-resistant models allow to dive deeply underwater without fear of damaging the watch. 

Locman watches feature precise movements

The drive force of Locman watches is a very precise and efficient quartz movement, powered by a classic battery. We can also find models with automatic movement (i.e. self-winding movement), which considerably extends the life of the watch battery. Our online shop offers Locman watches that come from authorized distributors. All Locman products purchased in our shop have a two year distributor’s warranty. The watches are packed in original boxes, and that is why they are perfect for gift for any occasion.

Exceptional Locman watch collections for exceptional people

By far the most popular collection of Locman watches is Locman Stealth. Its popularity among users all over the world is due to the wide range of models, colours and exceptional precision of workmanship in the highest standard. The models combine delicate sport style with casual form.

Contemporary design in the unique Locman collections

The elite Locman Montecristo collection takes the definition of a modern and elegant watch to a new level. It combines Swiss know-how with the precision of the Italian watchmaking tradition. You will find in its offer large cases that are equipped with the latest technology and useful functions, such as chronograph and tachymeter.

Elegance in every Locman watch 

More classic watches can be found in the Locman 1960 collection. The collection is inspired by the 1960s, a revolutionary time in lifestyle and fashion, strongly referring to the style of “La Dolce Vita” by Federico Fellini. The Locman Aviatore collection, however, became a tribute to the classic watches of former pilots. The linear construction relates to the old airplane cockpit panels, while the colours refer to the military.

Fashion and chic in the exclusive Locman watch collection

Locman Donna is the bravest and most eclectic collection of Locman watches. The collection is a tribute to female sensuality and creativity. It surprises with its unexpected colours and the possibility of customization. Thanks to this, it is the most popular women’s proposition of the Locman brand. Locman timepieces are worn by the world’s greatest stars, including Sharon Stone, David Beckham or Elton John.

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